How To Deal With Your Boyfriend Leaving For Military Base?

When you are dating a military man, one of the important things that you have to learn is how to deal with army boyfriends.

Once you start dating an army guy, you will start seeing many changes in your life. It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend is in the army, navy, or the air force, he will have to leave you for his service.

You will miss him a lot and have to deal with his absence and your loneliness. Staying positive and being strong are some of the main factors when you have to deal with your military boyfriend leaving for the base.

It can feel like a challenge when he is gone away for months and there is little to no communication and sometimes you will feel like there is no hope. But with patience and trust, you can overcome these challenges and come out with a stronger and better relationship.

Things You Will Discover When Dealing With Army Boyfriends

Here are some of the things that will discover once you start dating a military boyfriend.

Sacrifices – Once you start dating a military man, you will soon realize that you will have to make a lot of sacrifices. Your priorities that were once at the top have fallen to the bottom. You will feel like your life comes second.

Worries – When you don’t get to hear from your boyfriend for a long time you will start getting worried for him and fear the worst. You will understand that deployments are hard and not hearing from him for months can become normal.

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Understanding – People will not understand you and start thinking you have gone crazy for dating a military guy. These people may also include your family and friends. But when you love him, you will start ignoring and won’t take it personally.

Fitting In – There will be many times where you might feel like you don’t fit in when you start living with him during his deployments.

Loneliness – Even though you will have your friends and family to support you, it’s an entirely different thing when the man you love is not with you. You will soon start learning that what they show in movies is not true and you will feel lonely when you are between close people.

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How To Deal With Army Boyfriends Who Leave For Military Base?

Let’s take a look at some of the tips to keep your relationship strong when you have to deal with your army boyfriend leaving for his service.

Support Your Boyfriend

Before your boyfriend is sent on his deployment talk to him and show him your full support since that time is emotional for him too.

Don’t make him feel guilty for leaving you and instead talk about what you are going to do until he is back.

 Also, talk about the freedoms and contact with the opposite sex that both of you are comfortable with so that you have any unwanted insecurities. You can also do any financial discussions about budgeting and expenses.

Talk Your Feelings About The Separation

Spend a few hours with your boyfriend along and have an open and honest conversation with him about your feelings. At the same time give importance to his feelings too. Talk about the support network you can connect to during emergencies.

Plan On How You Will Stay In Touch

You are entering a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend so it is very important to have constant communication with your boyfriend when he is away.

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Talk about how will be staying in touch with each other during his deployments. Since you have to be prepared for long periods of time with little to no communication you should plan to be in touch with any way possible like social media, Instagram, phone calls, etc.

And whenever you talk to him, try to keep it positive. Focus on the good parts of your relationship rather than talking about how depressed you are without him.

But that doesn’t mean you have to hide real-life problems with him. Know that he can help you in every way possible even when he is thousands of miles away.

Send Him Small Gifts

It is a nice gesture to keep sending small gifts to your boyfriend and let him know that you are thinking about him. You can send him photos, magazines, his favorite personal hygiene items, or even personalized gifts.

Apart from that you can also send him letters and emails and let him know how things are going on back home. This will keep him updated about the things and feel him connected even when he is away.

Take Support Of Your Friends And Family

Dealing with your military boyfriend when he is apart can be hard but by leaning on to your friends and family, you can make it easier to cope up.

You can also join the support of a group of other military girlfriends who can advise you on how to deal with your military boyfriend based on their experience.

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Understand Your Role

When your boyfriend joined the military, all the training, deployments, and missions become part of his life. His job of serving his country will also come above everything else.

It is very important for you to understand your role and position in his life. You cannot think that just because you are his girlfriend, you are the only priority in his life. You cannot tell him to leave his job in the middle so that he can be with you.

Set Goals

When your boyfriend is away, use that time to set personal goals and work hard on them. Know that you have your own personal life to lead and grow.

Instead of being lonely and thinking about him, focus on filling that time by keeping yourself active and busy. Make changes in your lifestyle to keep yourself healthy, exercise regularly, take up a new hobby, or even join a music class.

When you start working towards your goals you will have a positive attitude towards life and will also have something positive to talk about with your boyfriend. They will also give you an opportunity to talk about future goals with him.

Cherish Every Moment

You know you will get very limited time to talk to each other so use that time to cherish every moment instead of nagging and ranting.

If you know what time your boyfriend is going to call you, take some time beforehand and make a list of the things you want to talk to him so that you won’t waste any time.

Even though your plan for video call didn’t go as planned, just focus on whatever way you can connect with each other.

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