19 Benefits You Should Know About Dating An Ex Military Man

There are many benefits to dating an ex-military man. It is the same as dating a regular military man minus all the stress and worry about long term deployments.

Other than that the things that an ex-army guy can do for you over a regular boyfriend are too many.

Benefits Of Dating An Ex-Military Man

If you are planning on dating an ex-military man below are some of the benefits you can have.

He Will Love You Deeply

A man who has served in the military is a keeper. He will love you deeply and forever. He will do every possible to love you and be with you forever.

He Looks Stylish

Military men are known for their stylish and good looks. The short hair and clean look are considered hot and stylish. Their sexual appeal is much higher than regular men since they are physically fit and always in great shape.

He Knows How To Treat A Girl

Army guys are known to be chivalrous and how very well how to treat a lady like a gentleman. Whether it’s holding the door for you, pulling the chair for you sit and everything else, they will always treat you like a queen.

He Is Very Protective

There is nothing more sexier about a man who has your back and whom you can rely on all the time. Whether someone is messing with you or even if you are facing a zombie apocalypse, you can be sure that he will put his life in line to protect you from anything and everything.

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Even when you are ill he will make sure to take care of you and check on you all the time. He will show you that he loves you a lot.

He Is Modest

One of the advantages of having an ex-military man as your boyfriend is that they are positive and confident even during their bad days. And such quality shines when it comes to a romantic relationship.

Whether you are mad, angry, shout, or push him he will not stress about it and tries his best to console you and make you smile. He will do everything possible to win your heart against all odds.

He Is A Team Player

Another quality of military men is that they are good team players who fight for their nation together. This quality also reflects when he is in a relationship. He will never let go of his loved ones when they are in trouble and make sure to stick around until they are solved.

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He Makes You A Better Person

People serving in the military are so disciplined that such qualities catch on to you when you are in a relationship with them.

You will be intimidated by their courage, sweetness, and discipline so much that you won’t know what to do with yourself. The more you spend time with him, the more you will learn things that will help you become a much better person than you are.

He Is Kind And Patient

Military men see so much human suffering and traumatic situations during their service that they really understand the meaning of kindness.

He will also be patient enough to treat everyone with kindness. He understands well about the kind of pain one has to endure while being away from loved ones and will always be patient with you.

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If you want to date an ex-military man you can be sure that he will never take you for granted and always treat you kindly with respect.

He Gets Many Benefits Even After Retirement

When military personnel has served their nation for a specific period, they get many opportunities and benefits even after they have retired.

These benefits include financial support, education, insurance, and travel benefits among others. Even the public appreciates your man wherever he goes and provides discounts, offers, and free meals.

He Will Be Your Best Friend

Military men always got each other’s back when they are in their service. They will be very and have seen the best and worst of each other.

If you are dating an ex-military man, you will see that he understands the true meaning of friendship and will be a great best friend to you. He will laugh with you, love you, and always support you.

You Get To Date A Man And Not A Boy

Men are known to be childish most of the times and this isn’t surprising. If you are dating an ex-military man or even an army guy in general you can be sure that you are dating a “man” and not a boy.

He can be strong or sensitive to you whenever required. Whether you need him to prepare a meal, fix your car, or even need a hug during your bad day, he is always there for you.

He Knows The Value Of Freedom

If there is any person who knows the value and meaning of freedom is the one who has served in the military. He will give you all the freedom and encourage you to enjoy each and every moment of your life.

He Is Also Great In Bed

Strong body, great physique, and good libido, the things that every woman ask for in a man. A combination of all these things can be found in a military man. They are great in bed and make you feel happy and satisfied.

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He Will Stand Up For You

They will make sure that no one messes with you and always stand up for you in any situation. Dating an ex-army guy means that you can count on him to back you up all the time.

He Is Diverse

Military people travel so much during their deployments that they are exposed to many different cultures, religions, and knowledge. He will always have great stories to tell you about his travels and makes you want to learn more about the world.

He Will Appreciate You

People in the military have to spend a lot of away from their loved ones during their deployments. This makes him understand how precious time is and he will always appreciate every moment that he spends with you.

He will brings flowers for you or even plan a romantic trip for only the two of you and isn’t afraid to show it.

He Will Always Make You Feel Safe

Whenever you are in his arms you will always feel safe and know that everything is alright. For someone who can shoot a sniper or machine gun, taking you out for a walk is a piece of cake.

He Is Adventurous

When it comes to being adventurous, you won’t see another person who is as enthusiastic as he is. They are already familiar with handling guns and bombs and have worked in a dangerous environment.

He will also be good at making plans and be creative about it. So if you want an adventurous life, you won’t find another partner like him.

He Won’t Fake

Military men go through a lot during their deployment that they don’t have time to fake with others. If he loves you, you will know for sure that his love is real. You will know that he is real, honest, and trustworthy.

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