How To Text A Guy On Tinder? 12 Tinder Dating Tips

We are living in an age where everything can be done on internet. Whether it’s shopping, entertainment or dating, everything is possible at the tip of your fingers. Especially the latter which has made it easier to find your match because of the internet.

Tinder is one such app which promises to find you a casual or a love of your life. All you have to do is create a profile on Tinder and it will show your matches based on your interest and you can choose a date whom you like by swiping left or right.

Even men are shown similar results that they can choose by swiping. When two people match by swiping, this is when the actual fun begins.

How To Text A Guy On Tinder

Dating is different in Tinder than on other social media sites because you already know that there is an erotic aspect involved.

And because of this it makes difficult for most women to talk to men on tinder. But there is no need to worry. Below are some tips to help you how to text a guy on tinder.

Set Up The Right Profile

Even before you start talking to your date after matching, you need to set up the right profile on Tinder.

Upload more than 1 photo in your profile but don’t add too much as it might not look good. Stay away from uploading provocative pictures as you never know who might see it.

One of the most important parts of your profile is your bio. Make sure to keep it short and to the point. Your match needs to know about you better to swipe left or right and this is what makes it happen.

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Also don’t make your bio into as essay. People use Tinder to look for their match and not to read about a person they have never met.

How To Send First Message On Tinder

Once you have matched with your date, this is when the real action begins. I know it has been socially acceptable for men to make the first move for thousands of years.

But we have come a long way since then and women are not afraid to make the first move and ask for what they want.

I’m not saying you have to go all over him and try to please him. But sending the first message will also take a lot of pressure off of him. Even sending a simple “Hey” can be an easy solution to start off.

But if you want to stand apart from the rest, then try to add some humor to your message. Or you can be bold and ask him straightforward what you are looking for.

Show Your Awesome Confidence

Once you have matched with a date you already know that even he likes you. But he has liked you only be looking at your outer beauty.

Now it’s time to show that you are equally beautiful from the inside. Be confident about who you are and always show your real self and don’t pretend to be another person just to impress him.

If you know how to use the right words you can bend any man. But be careful since if you say anything in the wrong way, men can tend to become a real headache for you.

Filter Out The Bad Guys

Not everyone joins Tinder with the best intention. You might find a lot of guys who are there just to add creepy comments on your body.

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You may also find guys who are outright boring. So it is better to filter all of them in the beginning to avoid any annoyance ahead.

You can find them quickly right in the beginning of the conversation.

Be Polite

Always talk to the other person in a way how you expect others to speak to you. Not only you should be polite when taking to your match, you should also stay away from making creepy comments or start talking sexually immediately.

Men are famous for sending “d*ck pics” and making sexual comments and if you encounter such person, it will upset you. Likewise, you should also avoid doing anything which might upset the other person.

He is also a human being with feelings and emotions just like you. So treat him the same way how you like to be treated. In other words, always be classy.

Make Him Feel Special

Men love it when someone makes them feel special and it is easy. Pay attention to what he is saying and respond something by referring to it.

Just by knowing that you are actually engaged in a conversation with him, he will be very happy and make enough courage to do all the right moves without any fear of rejection (that is if you are planning to reject him).

how to message a guy on tinder

Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t be a person who is desperate for love and attention.  It is unattractive and the other person will be put off. Always be mysterious and keep him interested.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respond to whatever he says. What I’m trying to say is don’t respond to him within micro seconds after he sends you a message or don’t tell him everything about your personal life, all your past relationships, their problems and what not.

You might scare him off and this will hurt you if he stops talking to you.

Ask An Interesting Question

If you want him to respond, then ask him something that will give him a reason to respond. Don’t use a text like “what’s up?” which is boring.

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Even he will be confused what to reply back. Instead ask him how was his day or ask him something depending on his interest that you read in his profile.

Compliment Him

If he has an attractive feature, then let him know by complimenting him. But don’t just restrict your compliment to his looks.

If he has an good sense of humor or is intelligent that most men, then you can use it to your advantage when you compliment him.

Be Specific

Add value to your message if you want to impress him. If all your messages are vague and pointless you ill bore him soon.

Other than the basics you can talk about his shirt or his tattoo, which are shown to be successful according to some research.

Don’t Use Shortcuts

I have said this again and again. Never ever use shortcuts like “Hru?” “I’m f9n” and words like that. It is childish and a big turn off. Language is very important in conversation.

Don’t make him decode each and every message you send. Using full words have much better response rate than short words. Words like “lol” and “haha” are fine.

Maintain A Good Response Ratio

Don’t be the only person who does the talking and don’t let him be the only person who talks to you.

Try to maintain a ratio of 1:1 when you are in a conversation. Women are usually the one get scared when they don’t get a response and they text again and again till they get a response.

This is also a turn off and could classify you as crazy. So resist the urge, have patience and wait for him to reply back.

Do you have any tips to share on what to message a guy on tinder? Share with us in the comment section below.

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