How To Text Your Girlfriend After A Fight – 12 Tips To Help You Fix Your Relationship

In this post, I’ll talk about what to text your girlfriend after a fight.

Fights are common in any relationship. And is some relationship they are much more severe than others. But the important thing is not dwelling on how the fight happened, but what you can do to resolve them.

It sucks when you have to fight with your girlfriend as you might say some things that you will regret later. If your head is in the right place and you are ready to fix your relationship with your girlfriend, below are some tips on making things right with her as soon as possible.

How To Text Your Girlfriend After A Fight

What to talk to your girlfriend after a fight can get tricky. You don’t know whether you should apologize to her or assure everything will be fine or talk about the argument itself.

How you approach your girlfriend after a fight entirely depends on the situation. But there are few ways on how you can smoothen things out and come to a compromise.

The last thing you want to do is hurt your relationship by ignoring or blaming each other. You can be mature handling this and can make sure that it is only a temporary setback.

How To Resolve This?

If you are talking about the same thing over and over again, it will only lead to more heated arguments. Instead, talk about how you can resolve and fix your relationship. You can text her something like, “What can we do to resolve this issue?”

By handling the situation maturely you can make way for a healthier conversation. Couples don’t fight just for the sake of it. There will be reasons behind those arguments. 

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You need to find out the reason and have an honest discussion about it. This way you can avoid the occurrence of such arguments in the future and make way for a healthier long-term relationship.

Avoid texting your girlfriend until you have control over your emotions. If she tries to say anything or prove you, politely tell her that you need to calm down. Think about how much you love her. You can even go for a walk or do something else that you like to help yourself cool down.

Have Control Over Your Emotions

Usually, after a fight, your emotions will be running wild and there will be a lot of things running in your mind, So, before you even text her anything make sure you give yourself time to cool down.

Saying something at this point will only complicate things and the chances of recovery will get further away. You need to have control over your emotions if you are looking for positive results.

Apologize To Her

One of the best ways to apologize is by being honest about it. When you text her “I’m sorry.” Be sincere about it.

This will show your girlfriend that you understand the situation which led to the argument and help in smoothing things over. Before you apologize to her, think about whether you said any things during the argument and then say sorry.

You can say something like, “Hey, I know we both are angry right now. But I would like to apologize for what happened. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


“I would like to say sorry first for hurting you. I will do my best to make out relationship better than before.”

Forgive Her

An argument cannot be started by just a single person. Both parties are equally responsible for it. While it is important for you to apologize, it is equally important for her to apologize to you too.

And when she says sorry, be vocal and accept her apology. By holding a grudge on her or delaying to forgive her can only further damage your relationship.

Use The Three Magical Words

We all feel low when we have to fight with our loved ones. So, if both of you are feeling low after your argument, the best thing that you can do is show your love.

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All you have to do is text her, “I love you.” Letting your girlfriend know that you still love her can assure her that the fight if just a temporary setback and everything will be fine.

Listen To Her

It can also benefit you if you can give her the assurance that you are listening to her and understand the situation.

It is also very important that you listen to what she has to say. If you are still not clear, then try to recall what led to the argument. Find out the root cause that led to the fight.

You can even ask her if you are still unclear about the situation. This is better than guessing and can even clear any other misunderstandings.

Talk About How You Feel

Instead of blaming her for what happened, talk to her about how you feel. What I mean to say is don’t use words like “because of you” or “you did this” focus on words like “I feel”. 

It is easier to talk about your feelings with her rather than attacking her. When you are talking from your point of view, talking about issues gets easier. At the same time listen from her point of view also.

Talk About Compromise

Not every argument can be resolved smoothly. This is where compromise can help you. You can take your girlfriend’s input to find an ideal solution. 

Talk about her ideal solution. Talk about your solution and find a compromise in the middle. Sometimes it can help when you discuss finding a new set of relationship rules and implement a structure that you can stick to.

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Talk About It Another Day

It is alright if you need more time to calm down. You can always hold it off until you are in the right mind. 

You can text her something like “Hey, Can we talk about this tomorrow?” so that you will have enough time to think about it. At the same time, you should also give her if she requests it.

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Move On

When both you and your girlfriend have calmed down, try not to dwell in o the past. Instead, you need to move on by leaving behind what happened.

You can say something like, “Hey, what happened has happened. Let’s move on and make out relationship better than before.”

It can relieve both of you once you decide to move on when the argument has been settled.

Reassure Her

If both of you are still figuring out how to reach a compromise, you can give her reassurance that everything will be fine. This can also help in a big way.

By letting her know you are always with her even in a difficult situation, you are indirectly repairing your relationship with her. You may not have a solution yet but can still support her emotionally until it gets better.

Let Her Know You Are Working On It

As I already said, arguments are not just one person’s fault. Whether it’s your fault or hers, the best thing that you can do right not is to let her know that you are working making your relationship better.

If it’s your fault, then accept it apologize to her genuinely. Let her know you love her a lot and how you are doing your best to fix it so that you both can be together again.

It’s not important who started the fight, but it’s important to bounce back from it. Once both of you have recovered, sit down and talk to each other and present your case. Listen to her from her point of view without interrupting her. 

Once you have understood from her perspective, present the case from your point of view without doing any blaming. Once you have understood each other, you will prevent a lot of heartbreak in the future. Keep these things in mind the next you want to know what to text your girlfriend after a fight.

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