How To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents – 25 Tips To Impress Them

In this post, we will talk about how to impress your girlfriend’s parents over text.

Life is beautiful when you have a lovely girlfriend and a happy relationship. But every relationship has milestones and one day there will come a time where you will have to interact with her parents. 

This is a sign of a healthy relationship as your girlfriend has decided to take it to the next level. Being the perfect boyfriend you are, you will want to impress them and show them that their daughter has chosen the best man for herself.

But, you don’t have to be afraid. By following the below tips you can convince them and show them that you are worthy.

How To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Dad And Mom

The only thing you need to be worried about is what you can do to impress them. The following tips can help you prepare yourself to convince your girlfriend’s parents when the time comes.

Learn About Them

Before you even talk to your girlfriend’s parents, ask her and try to know everything about them. Knowing about their behavior and personality will make it easier for you to interact with them.

For example, find out if her dad is a short-tempered or laid back guy. This will prepare you mentally when talking to him. You can also ask if you can joke around with him. If her dad is a serious person so that you can avoid any unpleasant situations.

Another thing that you can ask her is about her parent’s interests and values. This can help you find common things to talk to them like politics, religious topics, sports, hobbies, etc.

Ace Your First Impression

First impression always matters. The first thing your girlfriend’s parents notice when they first meet you is how well you dress. Don’t wear baggy clothes or torn jeans. Dress like a gentleman and be presentable.

Greet them warmly when you meet them. They should feel you are easy to get along with. This will help them open up with you. Make eye contact whenever you talk to them.

Also whenever you talk to them be respectful and polite. Always call them “Sir” or “Mr.[last name]” until they tell you to call them by their name. BE confident and comfortable when you talk to them. If you are nervous it could be misunderstood that you are trying to hide something from them.

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Bring Flowers and Gift

Buy an appropriate gift for her parents when you meet them for the first time. You don’t have to buy an expensive gift but don’t buy a cheap gift either. Get something that is practically memorable.

For example, if her dad is has a favorite liquor brand, you can bring it when you meet him. And for her mom, you can gift her favorite flowers. You can ask about this with your girlfriend before you meet them.

Compliment Them

Be natural and don’t overdo it or else you will not sound sincere with your compliments. For example, you can say some nice words about her mom’s cooking or her dad’s liquor collection.

A bit of charm will help you in the long run. Be vocal about how much you admire their daughter and how well they have raised her.

Dress Well

Every parent wants the best guy for their daughter who not only respects their daughter, but also others. So make sure you are presentable.

One way of showing respect to others is by dressing well. This means no loose t-shirts or saggy jeans. Also, avoid any printed shirts that have offensive and vulgar text or visuals. Take a bit of effort to make yourself look good by getting a haircut and shave. Look clean and dress well. It will also boost your confidence.

Firm Shake Hand

When you meet her dad for the first time maintain eye contact with him and give a firm handshake. Have a smile on your face to show that you are honored to meet him. They deserve your respect and admiration. These are the people who are giving their daughter to you.

Positive Body Language

Body language is also very important when you want to impress them. Be approachable. Sit or stand straight without hunching, avoid fidgeting, have eye contact all the time.

If you are meeting them for dinner then don’t rush for food. Your action can speak louder than words. Don’t look bored when they are talking to you. Always face towards them instead of away from them. This will show them that you are eager to listen to them.

Spend Time With Them

Engage with them in conversations, listen to their stories, and show interest in what they have to say. Parents like to share with their children and be a part of their lives.

Be the boyfriend who is like a son to them. Value their opinions and show your interest in spending time with them. This will make it easier for them to give their approval.

Help Them

Offer them help whenever possible. Whether it involves any heavy lifting for her ad to clean up after dinner, ask them if they need any help. They will decline most of the times but they will appreciate your effort.

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Be Humble

Learn to be calm and humble. It will help you improve your relationship with her parents and everyone else. Don’t be overconfident or you will look like a jerk.

Don’t brag about how smart or great you are. No one likes that. Never make them feel like you are superior to everyone else.

Treat Her Well

An important thing that you need to do if you want to impress your girlfriend’s parents is to show them how well you treat her. Every parent wishes their daughter to have a boyfriend who will show her respect treats her well.

Support and encourage her, talk about how she made you a better person, and treat her like a gentleman. Do not try to talk her down.

Avoid Using Your Phone

Whenever you are talking to them avoid using your phone. Resist the urge even when things start to get boring. This might be considered rude so it is better to be safe than sorry. So, always be attentive whenever you are having a conversation with them.

How To Impress Your Girlfriends Parents

Avoid PDA

You don’t have to grope her to show her parents that you love her. There are many other ways to show it. Avoid excessive PDA in front of her parents.

You can show your affection by holding her hands. Dads don’t like their daughter touched by other men. Keep your PDA to the minimum. That doesn’t mean you have to start a foot away from her always.

At the end of the day, all that matters to her parents is how much you like her. It doesn’t matter whether you are a billionaire or a celebrity, all they care about is how well you treat their daughter. Show them you are serious about their daughter how special she is to you.

Don’t Be A Slacker

Be ambitious. Don’t talk about how much you hate work or how something is pointless. Parents don’t want their daughter to date a guy who lacks ambition.

Even though you have such thoughts keep them to yourself. You want them to feel that you and their daughter are a team. If it’s not your thing, then talk about something else that you are ambitious about.

Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is a skill that will make others like you easily. And this can work in your favor when you show your humorous side to her parents. Share funny moments and make them comfortable. This will also help in making your relationship easier with them.

Talk About Your Goals

If you have big dreams that you want to achieve, share it with her parents but don’t brag about it. Talk about your life aspects and goals. As I said earlier parents like an ambitious guy.

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Be Positive

Being positive is an attractive quality. Talk about positive things and show them that you are fun to be with. Share with them all the adventures that you had with their daughter and how those experiences have made you a better couple.

Be Mature

Show them you are growing up to be a mature young man. Be kind, polite, show good manners and respect. Talk about your future plans and show them that you are a man and not a boy.

Don’t Talk Controversial Topics

Avoid talking about anything that could end up with a debate or argument. Even if you have a different viewpoint, just stay away from topics like politics and religion. This will not impress anyone and you will end up in an embarrassing situation.

If you feel that your beliefs are making her parents uncomfortable, change the topic. You can discuss these topics when you get closer to her parents.

Give Importance To Them

You can do this by asking for their advice or opinion on something. This will make them feel important and that you give value to their insight.

Be Honest

Be honest no matter what the situation is. Elders have enough experience to tell if you are honest or not. But that doesn’t mean you have to be too honest than required. Don’t talk about how you hot on other girls behind their daughter’s back (not that you should be doing it) but don’t lie about important topics.

Be Confident

Always be confident in front of them. Don’t pretend to be confident, you need to feel it. When you meet them for the first time make eye contact and share your hands with a firm grip. You might even get a hug from her mom so be ready for it.

Don’t Drink

Whether you like to drink or not, try to stay away from it. If they insist, limit yourself to how much you drink at least until you are close enough to them.

Don’t Forget To Thank Them

Whether you had a good time with them or not, thank them before leaving. Also, thank your girlfriend for inviting you.

Be Yourself

Most important of all, never try to fake yourself or be someone else just to impress them. It will not work long enough. Always be yourself and don’t try too hard just to win over them.

Your girlfriend chose you for you so even her parents will like you. Don’t try to be a completely different person. You obviously can’t keep up with the act forever.

Follow these tips and before you even know it you will their favorite. And that’s how you impress your girlfriend’s parents and be the perfect boyfriend for her. Good luck.

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