How To Turn A Girl Friend Into A Girlfriend – 16 Tips To Help You

In this post, I will talk about how to turn a friend into a girlfriend. There will come a day where you might want your girl friend to be more than just a friend. 

You will start seeing girlfriend material in her and want to take your relationship to the next level. This is where you will end up in a difficult situation as you want to get closer to her on a romantic level without threatening your friendship.

How To Turn A Friend Into A Girlfriend?

You can turn your best friend into a girlfriend by making her see the potential boyfriend in you. And by learning to play the cards right, you can make this process easy.

Below are tips on how to make it happen.

Learn About Her Feelings

Before you even take your first step in making her your girlfriend, you need to find out what she feels about you. 

You have been friends for a long time so it’s important to find out if she feels the same about you so that you don’t end up in an awkward or embarrassing situation.

Firstly, you have to find out if she is giving you any sings that she is also interested in you. Is she flirting with you? Does she want to be close to you all the time? Or is she affectionate only as a friend? These signs will give you a better understanding of her feelings.

Pay attention to how she talks with you. Is she the same as always or has she become nervous and self-conscious now? If this is the case then she might be wanting something more from you.

However, if she is talking to you the same as always, it may not necessarily mean that she is not interested in you. She must still be trying to figure out her feelings for you.

Another thing to pay attention to is to see if she has been comfortable talking with you about other guys that she likes but has suddenly stopped now. This can also be a sign that she is having feelings for you.

Ask Others

The idea of making your best friend into your girlfriend might be clouding your mind that you may not be able to read the signs properly.

In such a case, you can take the help of a trusted friend who has hung out with both of you. He can keep an eye on both of you and watch you in action. A trusted friend can give you an honest opinion and tell you whether she likes you or not. 

Sometimes your friends may just tell you what you need to hear. That’s why it is important to seek a friend who can give his honest opinion. 

That doesn’t mean that your friend can read her mind better than you. It will But it surely helps you confirm some of your suspicions.

Don’t Be Too Nice

This is one of the major reasons guys end up in the friend zone. It sure is one of the good qualities in friendship but when it comes to love it is bland.

If you don’t take certain risks like being flirty and daring, you are only giving her impression that you are a great friend and not a lover. 

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You need to start flirting with her. Don’t worry if you are not good at flirting, just keep it fun and playful.

Make Sure You Are Ready

Be you even ask your best friend out, you need to make sure that you are ready to take all the risks involved. 

And since she is your best friend, you have to be really sure about your feelings and that you are ready to take your relationship to the next stage.

Sometimes it is the friendship that is more important than a romantic relationship. The hard truth is that not all relationships end in marriage. And if you break up, you cannot go back to being best friends like before. 

If you see your future with her and are serious about it, only then you should go ahead.

Make Her See The Potential Boyfriend In You

 You can do this by showing her the best version of you. Taking extra care of your appearance is one of the immediate signals to show that to her. 

Looking good also helps in building your confidence. That doesn’t mean you have to apply gel all over your hair or wear a suit whenever you meet her. Just taking the extra effort to look good will make her notice you more and give her a signal that there is something different about you.

Here are some tips to look good. Dress nicely whenever you meet her. Always shower, shave, and groom to improve your looks. Don’t wear a suit every time you meet her. Dress as per the occasion. Don’t put too much scent or deodorant. It is a turn-off. You will feel good when you look good. 

Display Your Sense Of Humor

A good sense of humor is one of the ways of winning a girl’s heart. Being best friends already mean that you are in a fun relationship. But you need to show her that you are a guy who finds humor and fun in life.

Be playful and joke around whenever you are with her. Make her laugh by telling genuinely funny things.

Find people who have a fun relationship in real life or even celebrities and show it to her. It is even better if those people are romantically involved.

Play tickle games with her but don’t do too much as not all girls like tickling. You are her best friend so you will know better. Also, be prepared to get tickled by her.

Tease her in a flirty way but don’t go overboard to make sure that you don’t offend her.

Have More Physical Contact

Even though you may be already having an affectionate relationship it is time to notch it up. You need to start increasing your physical contact with her in such a way that it could be a flirty way without actually crossing the line.

For example, try to touch her more than 2 to 3 times whenever you meet her. Only touch her where she does not feel uncomfortable. 

Share your food with her. This can help you in bringing her close. Hugging is also a way of expressing your friendship and bring you closer.

Help Her

Trying to make her your girlfriend doesn’t just mean that you have to make her laugh or look good. You should also do things for her to show that you are always there for her.

This can be anything from helping her in household work, preparing for her interview, etc. 

By helping her, she will start seeing that you care about her. But make sure that you don’t do everything for her or you will end up being in the friend zone. You should also pay attention if she is also doing things for you.

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Being helpful doesn’t mean that she is helpless. If she takes effort to do something, admire her rather than suggesting how it can be done better. Arrogance can destroy romance.

Listen To Her

Girls love to talk and love it even more when you listen and understand them. So whenever she is sharing things with you, don’t just shake your head pretending that you are listening to her. 

If you really like her then you need to pay attention to what she says. This will help in strengthening your friendship and also benefit in building your relationship. 

By being a gentleman you can show her that you are boyfriend material. Always keep your phone aside and other distractions whenever she talks with you. 

Also, keep in mind to maintain eye contact with her. Wait till she finishes stop before you speak. Remember all her details like her favorite color, food, birthday, her family, hobbies, etc. Show her you really care about what she says.

Drop Hints That You Like Her

You won’t make her your girlfriend just by helping her or looking good. You also need to give hints that you like her.

Start by figuring out the things that both of you like to do together. If she likes to party, then offer to be her date. It will reassure her to have a familiar face by her side. 

Spending more time together can help you in building your relationship with her.

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Get Closer To Her

Get closer to her by using your body language in such a way that she will know that you are interested in her. 

For example, gently lean your shoulder on her, face towards her often, and physically touch her frequently. You can even hug her and notice how she responds.

Keep in mind not to fall on her, squeeze, or grab her that will make her uncomfortable.

Make Her Want You More

To achieve this, you shouldn’t be always around her. What you should rather do is spend lots of time with her and then don’t spend at all and repeat it again.

When she feels your absence she will start thinking about you. This might come in the play hard to get zone but without it, you will not know if she misses you or not. If you are always available for her then she will hang out less with you.

A tip here is to be with her more when she is happy than sad. This will help in associating you more with her happiness. You can be with her when she is sad only if you can get her out of it. 

This is important if you are successful in making her your girlfriend since you will have to support her whenever she needs it.

Flirt With Her

Once you start seeing signs that she is also interested in you, then you should start increasing the way you flirt with her. But don’t force it. Let it happen naturally. 

Tease her, play with her, gently touch her, and treat her much more special than you would treat other girls. Let her feel your romantic feelings for her.

Notice If She Is Interested In You

Once you are successful in getting more closer to her, you need to start seeing for signs if she is also interested in you.

Some of the things that you should be noticing are:

– She is trying to get your attention with little things like changing her nail polish whenever she is going out with you.

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– Since you are trying to look good for her, even she might show a different side of her. She might even start dressing sexier for you.

– She looks at you a lot.

– She has become more gentle with her movements.

– Her voice is slightly slower and lower.

Start Going Out More

At this stage, you should be going more often together. Ask her out for more one on one outings. Go to the mall, watch a movie together, or even an unplanned dinner. And whenever you see her smile and appreciate her by saying something like, “Wow, you are looking gorgeous.”

Whenever you ask her out pick a place where you will get some privacy. This will avoid unnecessary distractions and even prevent her from having other stuff on her mind.

If you are planning to pop the questions, find a private place, and make sure that she is in a good mood.

Express Yourself

Compliment her and tell her why you like her and why you like spending time with her. Let her know how special she is to you. But don’t make a big deal about it.

Also, make sure not to embarrass her by going into detail. Just a few words are enough to make her feel special.

Check out her reaction when you express yourself. If she is feeling uncomfortable and trying to get out of there then you may want to stop it. But if she is excited listening to you, then you are a lucky man.

Start Dating

Don’t spend too much time in the process of building your relationship. Just let her know about your feelings that you want to take your relationship to the next level.

Make her see how you have really thought about it and how you are willing to take the risk. When she realizes that you are doing so much for her then she will be flattered.

As I said earlier don’t put too much time building it. Just ask her out by saying something like, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Look into her eyes when you say it so that she will know your sincere feelings.

Another way is by telling her something like, “Hey, I have something to tell you. I don’t want to ruin our friendship but I want you to know that I like you a lot. I was wondering if you too feel the same about me.” 

Whatever answer she has for you, be prepared for that. If you are hoping for a positive answer, then take your time before you express your feelings.

If she agrees to be your girlfriend, then it is great news. Just hug her and celebrate the moment. But if she is not ready or doesn’t want to be in that kind of relationship with you, then don’t get sad.

Remember that it is better to have a long-lasting friendship than a short-lived relationship. Don’t let her feel awkward or go hard on her. It sure will take some time to forget that, but with time everything will heal and you will naturally be best friends again.

There is always a risk of turning your friendship into a relationship since women value platonic friendship with men. But by playing the right cards and following the above tips you will learn how to turn your girl friend into a girlfriend.

Be a gentleman, always do the right thing, make her feel special and you are on the right path in making her your life partner.

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