How To Text Your Girlfriend On Her Period – 22 Sweet Texts To Send Her

Women go through a lot when they are in their periods. Mood swings, cramps, and headaches are just to name a few.

When your girl is on her periods she expects you to be her superhero and comfort her. But what if you can’t be beside her during her cramps? In this post I’ll talk about how to comfort a girl on her period over text.

Guys try to overlook or neglect when their girlfriends go through periods which is sad. You can’t hide from this subject forever when you are in a relationship. Women go through their periods every month and need your support during their emotional turmoil.

When your girlfriend is on her periods you can be the best boyfriend possible by comforting in her small things like offering her a heating pad, buying her sanitary pads, cook food for her, rub her tummy, being sweet to her, etc.

But what if you can’t be there when she needs you the most? When your girlfriend is in her periods, the least she expects from you is your sweet words and love.

You can comfort her by sending sweet text messages that will make her happy. Below is a list of examples on how to text your girlfriend on her period that every woman expects from her man.

Ask Her How She Is Feeling

This is the first text you should be sending when she is in her periods. Nothing is more comforting for a woman than a man who cares about her a lot.

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You can send a simple text something like, “How are you feeling now, my baby sugar?” This simple text can make her feel a whole lot better.

Tell Her You Will Be There Soon To Cuddle Her

What more can a woman ask on her periods than a man who will be there to cuddle with her to ease her pain?

Text her something like, “I’ll be there soon to cuddle with you, honey.” because a cuddle is all that a woman needs from her man to help with her mood swings.

Watch A Movie

Women feel a lot comfortable watching a movie resting inside the arms of her man. You can text her, “Will be there by 8, baby. We will watch your favorite movie together.”

Every woman will wait for a text from her man where she will be pampered and cuddled by her man.

Bring Her Favorite Food

Food is the next best thing that can comfort a woman when she is in her period. You can offer to bring her favorite food when you meet her.

Cook For Her

If you want to make it more special and personal, then instead of bringing her food you can cook for her. You don’t even have to prepare fancy food for her. Even preparing s simple food will make her feel special and happy.

Even a simple text like, “I’ll be there by 6 with your favorite Chinese food.” or “I’m bringing your favorite burger and fries while coming. Do you need anything else?” will make her a lot happy.

Take Her To Shopping

There is no woman who hates shopping. And your girlfriend will love it if you voluntarily take her to shop and not because of her pleasure.

Texting her something like, “I’ll leave from work early today. Let’s do some shopping.” might make her so happy that she might even forget her pain for a while.

Send Her Cute Pictures

Cute pictures have never failed to make a woman smile. You can send her cute picture and babies and animals or even your childhood photos that will make her happy.

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Bring Her Favorite Ice Cream

It is no secret that women love ice cream. When a woman is on her periods she will have a lot of cravings.

If your girlfriend loves ice cream all you have to do is ask her “Do you want to eat ice cream?” If you know about her favorite flavor you can even surprise her by bringing her ice cream.

Say Funny Things

If you are a funny person naturally, you can make her laugh by sending her funny messages. Even if she is going through her pain, she will bear it to have a good laugh.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a good sense of humor then you can find some good jokes on the internet and send it to her.

Ask Her If She Needs Extra Pads

Every woman wants her man to not ignore or be embarrassed about pads or periods. A man who loves her girl will do everything possible to comfort her.

Every woman will be proud of her man who can ask her if she needs extra pads.

Ask Her If She Needs Anything Else

This is something that is most often overlooked. Women tend to forget a lot of things when they are in pain. All you have to do is ask her if she needs anything that you can bring to her.

how to comfort a girl on her period over text

Tell Her You Love Her

Those three magical words will make her happy in any situation. Hearing “I Love You” from you will make her the happiest person.

Compliment Her

Women love it when someone compliments her, even when she is in pain. Remind her how beautiful she is even when she least expects it and it will make her day.

Tell Her You Are Thinking Of Her

A simple text like “I’m thinking about you” can even turn her bad day into a good one. This is sure to make her happy. What better comforting messages can a girl ask from her man?

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Understand Her

This is something guys should know to comfort a girl on her period over text. All you have to do is let her know that you can understand her and it’s all going to be okay.

Send Her Memes

Everyone loves memes. So why not send her some funny memes to make her laugh.

You can make it even more entertaining by sending memes and both of you can relate to. Making her smile can help in easing her pain.

Tell Her You Wish To Be With Her

This one is a winner. Send her something like, “I wish I could be with you right now.” and there is nothing more than can comfort her.

Sing Her Favorite Song

Other than sending funny memes and jokes you can ever sing her favorite song. It’s even better if it’s a romantic song.

Send Voice Notes

If you are not good at singing you can just send voice messages to her talking sweet words. You can even make voices to make her laugh.

Send Funny Emojis

Texting by only words is not always necessary. You can even make her laugh by sending silly emojis. Every messenger now has emojis and there are too many emojis to choose from.

Play an emoji game or just exchange silly emojis with her.

Tell Her About Your Day

If you want to make your girlfriend forget about the thing she is going through, you can tell her about all the interesting things that are happening in your day.

Ask Her Out For Dinner

If your girlfriend is okay with going out, then you can ask her out for a romantic dinner. As I already said above girls love food and your offer to take her out will make her happy.

These simple tips on how to comfort a girl on her period over tips will make her day. She will thank you for helping her go through her periods smoothly and might even treat you with special something for that.

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