14 Things To Know About Dating A Soldier

Dating a military is very different than dating in any relationship you could possibly think of.

It is not because they are different from other people but for many other reasons. This post is dedicated to all the military girlfriends where we talk about the things you should know about being in a relationship with a soldier.

Things to Know About Dating a Soldier

Yes, being in a relationship with a military man can get difficult at times even when you consider all the pros and cons. But if you learn to prepare yourself for it the results can be very rewarding.

So, what is it like dating a soldier? Let’s find out.

Communication Gets Very Important

Communication plays a very big and important role in a military relationship. You should always be open and honest whenever you talk to your army boyfriend and not hide your feelings.

You can’t say “I’m fine” or “I’m doing good” when you are going through problems. Share your problems and work together to find a solution.

There will also be times when the communication will be limited and you can’t talk to him when you need him the most. During such times you have to keep yourself strong.

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You Are Always Worried

You never know when your boyfriend gets deployed for his service and this will always keep you anxious and worried.

This is the life is a military and you can’t do much about it. All you can do is respect his choice of career and support him. Serving your country is also something that you should be proud of so think in that perspective.

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You Are In A LDR

Dating a man in the military means that you are in a long-distance relationship whether you like it or not. Most lucky women get to meet their boyfriend 3 to 5 times a year.

Different Worlds Different Lives

The life of a military person is very much different than civilian life. Because of this, there will be times when he can’t understand what you are going through and you can’t understand what he is going through.

When both of you can’t understand what each other is experiencing, all you can do is respect and support each other’s lives and the decisions they make.

PDA Is Strict No, No

When you are seeing your boyfriend after months, all you want to do is throw yourself at him and kiss your man. But when you have a boyfriend in the military, you have to learn to hold on to your PDA.

There Can Be Lot Of Complaining

Your boyfriend may go through a lot during his training deployments and sometimes in his worst days, he can complain a lot about his work. Unless you have the military experience you can’t do much to help him. Just be there to listen to him and support him.

And when you hear military problems you might feel like your problems are very little compared to him. Do not try to compare and share your problems with him. He will do whatever he can to help and guide you.

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Your Mental Health Can Take A Toll

If you are the kind of person who takes stress easily, then life as a military girlfriend is not really for you. To be a military girlfriend you need to be strong, brave, and have a mindset that is prepared for anything.

When your man is back from the military he can go through a lot of stress which can take some time to come put. During such times you can’t panic and should be very calm and provide him your full support.

You Have To Deal With Hate From Other Military Girlfriends

When you are a military girlfriend you might assume that you will have support from other military girlfriends.

But you will soon realize that you have to deal with hate from other military girlfriends since they compete with you to show that they are better than you.

You Have To Take On False Assumptions

When you are a military girlfriend, you will get to hear a lot from other people like military men are not loyal, they are jerks, your relationship will not last long, and so on.

It can hurt when other people are being cold to you. Just ignore them and keep your love strong by supporting each other.

He Will Have No Savings

If you are thinking that the military people get a good salary and you can plan your future by saving money you will be disappointed.

Even though there are many military benefits you will see that he will have no savings to make since most of his money is spent on military care packages, plane tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

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You Can’t Enjoy Holidays Together

When you are a military girlfriend, spending holidays and other important events without him can become the new normal for you.

Military deployments are very unpredictable and you never know when his deployment will get extended. Even though you can’t celebrate holidays together, you can celebrate his homecoming as a special day.

You Can’t Understand His Language

Your man will use so many military acronyms and abbreviations when talking every day then he will talk the same way with you. You will be so unfamiliar and you will feel left out when talking to him.

But if you are interested in learning, he will be more than happy to teach you everything about the military and you will catch on soon.

Military Brotherhood

For your boyfriend, his unit will be like his second family. You will see a strong brotherhood between them.

You will soon realize that their bond is unbreakable and everybody will have each other’s back in any situation. Respect his relationship with his brothers.

You Will Cherish Every Moment

A long-distance relationship with a military boyfriend will make you realize that time is precious since you won’t get much to be with each other physically.

You will start to appreciate your relationship more because of this and make every second count. SO cherish every moment with him and make them memorable.

Even though you will see a lot of struggles as a military girlfriend, it is also rewarding since you also get a lot of military benefits that can make your life happy. So always look at the bright side and keep your love strong.

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