How To Text A Guy First – 5 Rules And 8 Tips To Follow

There was a time when a man always had to approach a woman first. But those days are gone and women have become much more confident and are not scared to make the move first. In fact, women are the ones who are always making the first move nowadays.

However, even if you are confident in approaching a man first, sometimes it can be scary. And the best way to make this easier is by texting him.

How To Text A Guy For The First Time

Texting has become one of the primary means of communication in dating, so why not make your first move through it? But the actual problem is how to express your feelings to him without scaring him away.

Before I talk about how to text a guy for the first time, lets discuss about some basic rules that you need to follow before texting him.

Rules To Follow Before Texting Him

It’s not like if you are texting a guy for the first time, you can text him whatever and whenever you want. There are some rules that you need to be aware of before you make your first move.

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Don’t Send Multiple Texts

I can understand you are very much excited to talk to him. But if he hasn’t replied to your text yet, then don’t get worried and send multiple follow up texts until he replies. This is something that is a turn off for anyone. Don’t make yourself desperate and have some patience as he could be busy or something.

Don’t Text Late Night

You are still not dating him. Just because you are texting him doesn’t mean that you can text him anytime you want. Avoid texting him after 10pm.

Don’t Sext

It’s okay to be flirty when you talk to him but avoid sexting with him. Being flirty doesn’t mean that you have to talk about sex. You might get his attention by sexting, but that will be the wrong kind of attention that you may get which will ruin your chances of dating him.

Don’t Text When He Is Busy

One mistake that women often do is they keep texting a guy even when he says he is busy and can’t talk for a while. If he says he is busy, then avoid texting him until he gets back to you.

Keep Your Conversation Lively

A conversation can die in an instant if it’s not interesting. So try to find topics that you can talk to him and keep the conversation lively. A good tip is to talk about things that he is interested in.

how to text a guy first

What To Text A Guy For The First Time

Now that the rules are covered, let’s get to the real stuff. If you are planning to make the first move, here is how to text a guy for the first time.

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Invite To Watch A Movie

“I’m watching this great movie, but no one to accompany me. What you up to?”

This will work best if the guy asks you what you are doing tonight. You can say that you are planning to have a relaxed evening by watching a movie at home. You can tell him that you are watching it alone and letting him know indirectly that you would like him to keep you company.

Go For A Concert

“I have got two tickets for this amazing concert this weekend. Would you like to join?”

If you would like to score better chance of making him say yes for a date, then you can use this. You don’t have to reveal that you bought the tickets for both of you. You can tell something like your friend cancelled her plans of joining and you are left with an extra ticket. Inviting for the concert will make him aware that you like him and enjoy his company.

Go Out With Him

“Hey, why not me and you go out tonight?”

If your crush says that he has no plans for the night or his plan got cancelled, then you can use this line and score a date with him. It could be a last minute plan, but if he already had plans of going out, he will most likely agree to join you.

Tell Him You Like Him

“I like you a lot. Shall we go for a coffee sometime?”

Use this line if you want to get straight to the point. Even many guys have revealed that they appreciate it when a woman is honest with them. Don’t be surprised if your guy is impressed by your move. There will be no guess work involved.

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The Indirect Approach

“I guess will have a lot of fun together.”

This is not a direct approach where you are outright asking him for a date. You are just giving him a hint that if given an opportunity you would like to go out on a date with him. This a bit vague and works best for shy people.

Let Him Know He Is Fun To Be With

“You can so much fun through text. I wonder how much more fun you would be in person.”

Guys like to be competitive. And if you are the first to text him, then it will be like a challenge for him. If you say him that he is fun to be with, then he will more likely try to prove that he is just as fun in person when you date him.

Tell Him You Like Talking To Him

“I haven’t talked to anyone else as much as I like talking to you.”

If you want to flatter him and make him smile, then use this text. This will also give him a hint that you like him. And if he feels the same about you, it will give him the perfect opportunity to ask you out.

Ask Him To Join You For A Party

“I’m invited to this party and I think it’s going to be boring. Would you like to join me so that there’s atleast one person for me to have fun with?”

Sometimes this line can work on your favor. Not only you are inviting him to a party, you are also flattering him by telling him that you enjoy a lot being with him. You are indirectly revealing him that you like him.

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