How To Text A Guy On Instagram? 9 Tips To DM A Guy You Like

Since the inclusion of DM in Instagram a few years ago, it has become easier than ever to text someone in Instagram. You are scrolling through Instagram and find a cute guy who made you melt instantly.

You want to impress him and score a date with him.  What better way to impress him than sending him a DM he can’t ignore?

So, how to DM a guy on Instagram without being creepy? It takes some skill to text a guy on Insta that doesn’t freak him out. Let me give you a few tips on how to text a guy on Instagram.

Text Him At The Right Time

Don’t text him at 3am in the morning. Now, that will make you desperate. Instead wait until he uploads a photo and then comment on his photo by texting him in private instead of commenting publicly.

This will give you an opportunity to have a conversation with him. This is important since he will have his phone in his hand and most likely respond to you immediately.

Everyone likes to receive compliments about themselves and the things they do. When you DM something about him, he will surely reply you back. Also make sure to check what time zone he is in if he is traveling.

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He is much more likely to reply you at 10 am in the morning in his time zone rather than at midnight where he could be sleeping.

Know Who You Are Texting

If you texting a guy for professional reasons then make sure to treat your message the same way as you would send an email. You don’t have to use the usual ‘Dear’ or ‘Sincerely’ but just texting him ‘hey can you send me your email’ won’t help you much.

Be clear about why you are texting him. If you are asking for his email address or phone number, he would like to know the reason behind it.

Check Your Spelling

Autocorrect feature in our phones have lead us to some very embarrassing situations.

There have been many instances where a small autocorrected word changed the entire meaning of a text and made us regret. Always make sure to read your text for errors before sending him.

Lying Is Fine Sometimes

Lying is fine until you don’t hurt someone. Though I don’t usually suggest this, you can tag him in a post and then send him a DM something like ‘Oh sorry, I tagged you by mistake. I was trying to tag a friend whose name is similar to yours.’

If the post you tagged him is interesting, then he will reply to it and give you a chance to have a conversation with him.

Don’t Stalk Him

how to text a guy on instagram

If the guy you are texting isn’t following you, then your DM will end up in his secondary inbox and he will only get a notification giving him an option whether to accept it or not.

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And if he accepts, you can see that he has read the message. But that doesn’t mean that you can text him repeatedly until he replies you or worse block you. If he is interested he will respond you back. There is no need to follow up with more texts.

There are also situations where he hasn’t read your message at all or even declined. In such cases you will never receive a notification that he has read your message.

His secondary inbox could be filled with too many messages and he must have chose to ignore them. You could be in a limbo in such cases and it is better to just move on.

Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t be desperate and DM him a ‘Good morning handsome’ every day. I can understand you are just trying to get the attention of your crush.

Try to play cool and keep that desperate intention to minimum. Approach him with a bit more swag.

Look Out For Mutual Friends

The internet is full of scammers and the handsome guy you are drooling for could be an old guy behind the phone trying to hook up with young girls.

Before you DM a guy that you like, look out for any mutual friends that you both have. This will give you a bit more trust, since you have a friend who can verify him.

Another advantage of having mutual friends is that your conversations will get much easier.

Understand You Are Not The Only One

If your crush is a handsome guy, then chances are that there could be many other girls who are trying to impress him.

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His inbox could be filled with DM’s of many other girls like you. If you want to stand part from the crowd, then you need to be different than the others.

Though this might not be easy as it seems, you can start with a simple hello, you can appreciate his work, be friendly, positive and not boring. Let you conversation start from here.

Don’t Fall For A Self Centered Guy

This is something important before you text a guy you are interested in. Social media hoes are all over Instagram, who just want likes for the pictures they upload.

Someone who always posts pictures of his muscles or don’t wear a shirt even in a single pic, such guys are there only for attention and not love. Avoid such guys and you won’t be regretting your decision.

Do you have any more tips on how to DM a guy on Instagram? Share you experience and tips with us.

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