How To Seduce A Man Through Text – Make Him Want You More

So you like a guy and want to take your relationship a step further. A step where you want to seduce him though text. You want to know how to seduce a guy over text? You might even have searched on Google for text ideas? But you might be having some thoughts before sending him:

– What if you regret after sending the text?

– Is he not into sexting?

– Are you coming off too strong in your texts?

– What if your guy will show your texts to his friends?

I can understand you are taking so much risk to sext someone who hasn’t even earned your trust yet. Your reputation might get spoiled by just one sext or a nude photo that you send him. And just like women, even some men might not like the idea of getting a nude photo without prior warning.

How To Seduce A Guy Over Text?

So how to seduce a man through texts?

You can seduce your guy and still stay classy by sending him text messages that are not dirty and it’s a lot easier than you think. Let me show you how it’s done.

Avoid Sending Nude Photos

Sending nude photos can be done by anyone. So get creative and do something different. Your words can do more to seduce him. Using nudes can take you out of a conversation and the desire will be nonexistent. Instead use words in such a way that he visually starts thinking about you that will create intimacy and excitement in your relationship.

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“I bought this really sexy dress today. You are gonna like it when you see it.”

Build Anticipation

Do you eat dessert before having dinner? No, right? Yeah, you might be guilty of it sometimes but you don’t always cheat on a regular basis. What I’m trying to explain here is that whenever you text a guy, you have to build some anticipation and not go right for the kill. But how do you do it? You have to make him imagine certain things and grab his attention. The best part should always be saved for the last.

You can achieve this by sending texts that have hidden meanings. A sexy text idea can be like this:

“You like to try new things, right? Let me give you a surprise tonight.”

Try to act like an innocent girl. If he replies you back with a sexy text, you can get back to him with something like:

“You are so naughty. I wasn’t talking about that kind of surprise. ;)”

The point is to tease him and make him want more. You might feel like this is too much work. But remember that men are easily seduced and it doesn’t take much effort. You don’t have to send a detailed, essay kind of text to seduce him. Even a simple “I want you” text can make him go crazy. You have to make him beg for more.

Take The Lead

Almost every woman let her man always be in charge. So why not change the role by taking charge and surprise him? Men love it and find it a turn on when women are in charge. Be dominating instead of submissive.

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Get out of your comfort zone and do something different. You don’t have to play 50 shades with him. You don’t even have to tell him to have sex with you all night. Just send him a sweet and small text like this:

“Tonight I’m in charge and there are no rules.”

Your confidence will make your guy desire you more. You will also find it more fun when you are in control.

Stop worrying about how to seduce a man over text? Follow these easy tips and make him beg for you.

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