How To Get More Matches On Tinder – Top 15 Tinder Matching Tips

Are you trying to find a match on tinder but frustrated that you are not getting as many quality matches as you had expected?

In this article, we will talk about how to get more matches on tinder successfully. There are many useful tips that you can make use of to improve your profile that will make people swipe right.

How To Get More Matches On Tinder

Some of the tips to increase the appeal of your profile are to enhance your bio, uploading the right pictures, and promoting your profile that will help you get more matches. Let’s take a deeper look.

Increase Maximum Distance

By default, tinder tries to find matches for you from the same neighborhood. To find better matches, it is a good idea to widen the area to find more matches.

By doing this, you are letting tinder know that you are willing to get more matches which will increase the chances of getting more matches for you.

To change the settings open the Tinder app on your mobile phone and got your profile settings. You can find this in the upper right corner of the app.

Once you are in the profile options click on settings. Here you will find a slider to increase the maximum distance to find matches. All you have to do is slide the slider to the right to increase your geographical matching area.

tinder maximum distance

Increase Age Range

Along with widening your geographical area, you can also increase the age range which will make it possible to find more matches.

You can again do this in your profile by clicking on settings in the upper right corner. Here you will find the settings to change the age settings.

For example, if you are trying to find matches between 25 to 30 years, you can change it to find matches between 22 to 32 years or any other age range as per your wish. 

This will allow Tinder to find more matches for you. You never know when you will find matches you have a lot in common with who are younger or older than you so more matches are also better.

Before changing the age settings, think about the age range that you will be comfortable with. For example, if you are 30 years old, you might be comfortable with matches who are 5 years younger or older than you. This range of years will make it possible to find more matches.

tinder age range

Making Use Of Super-Like

Super-like is a feature in Tinder to make your profile stand out in the profile of your potential match. When you super like a profile, it will highlight your profile with a bright blue border in their profile card stack. 

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This will bypass anyone who has simply swiped them right. You can use this feature when you feel just like is not enough.

You can super-like a profile by swiping up the profile or clicking on the blue star icon which you can find on the bottom of the screen. Remember that super-like is limited to only one per day.

You can increase the number of super-likes to 5 per day by signing up for Tinder premium plans. You can find this in your profile settings. There are 3 premium plans available, Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

Alternatively, you can also purchase super-likes separately. To purchase super-likes, go to your profile settings and click get more super-likes.

tinder super likes

Boosting Profile 

Tinder has a special service called Tinder Boost that allows you to temporarily put your profile at the top of the swipe list by paying a small fee. 

For Tinder premium users this service is available for free once per month. You can also purchase 1, 5, or 10 boost packs.

By using a Tinder boost you can increase your chances of potential matches. Each boost will move your profile to the top for 30 minutes. According to Tinder, by using their boost service you can increase your views by 10x times.

There is also a super boost option available for those who have a tinder subscription which will boost your profile for 24 hours. This will increase your views by 100x times. To activate super-boost click on your profile settings, go to boost option at the bottom and select a super boost.

Keep in mind not to use a boost when tinder activity is low. For example, boosting your profile at 1 pm on a workday is not recommended. The super-boost feature is currently available in only selected areas.

tinder boost

Use Inviting Calling Cards

By making use of shout-outs that are inviting, you can generate more interest among your potential matches. You can show them that you are going to give a unique experience to them.

For example, “Inviting all cat lovers to join for a date. Cat owners can also tag along :)”

By using such lines you are showing others that you are approachable, friendly, and a fun-loving person.

Using Tinder Gold

Tinder gold is a member-only subscription service that offers a lot of premium features like rewind, unlimited likes, 5 super likes per day, and boosting services which I mentioned above.

Apart from that, tinder gold also alerts you immediately when someone swipes your profile right which makes it easier to match with them. 

This is very useful since tinder users have a short attention span and they will lose interest quickly. By using tinder gold you will know who has swiped your profile right without having to wait for them to check later.

Tinder gold prices vary according to region so you will have to check the prices inside the app. It’s usually around $5 in addition to your tinder subscription fee.

tinder gold

Use A Good Profile Tagline

Sometimes using a unique and interesting tagline can also attract matches who would otherwise ignore you. Make sure that you take your time to craft a well thought out profile tagline.

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Just be honest about the details you write like your likes and dislikes, who you are, and so on that will piqué interest in people. Add interesting words like nature lover, foodie, writer, etc. that will tell about the person you are.

Do not write fake taglines just to impress others. Also, avoid sexualizing your profile.

You can also take the help of your trusted friend to check your profile ad take their inputs. If you are a women ask your male friend and if you are a male ask your female friend. This is a great way to make sure that your profile stands out and won’t become a turn off for your match.

Complete Full Profile 

When you give more information about yourself, your matches can assess you better. Also, tinder might push incomplete profiles to the bottom and will affect your matches. Hence it is a good idea to complete your profile in full.

Try to provide as much information as possible about yourself to give a glimpse of yourself to your matches. If you volunteer for neighborhood watch during weekends, let them know. 

Also, don’t forget to fill your education details. You don’t need a degree from Harvard to impress your matches.

Provide Only Necessary Information 

I mentioned earlier that not having enough information in your bio can hurt your possibility of getting better matches. The same way providing too much information will also hurt you.

When you add too much unnecessary information, your matches might get turned off and move on. Tinder provides a 500-word limit to fill your information. It is ideal to add between 100 to 300 words in your profile.

For example, you can fill your profile information like “I’m an adventure lover and enjoy frequent hiking, rock climbing, and road trips.” Also, avoid using long words in your profile.

Don’t Share Too Much 

While it is a good idea to share enough information about yourself, it will also hurt your chances of getting better matches if you share too much information.

If you are looking for more matches share only required information with the people you have never met. 

For example, don’t talk about your health conditions like the left leg you broke when you tried to perform a bike stunt. Also don’t write about your previous relationships or anything negative like “I joined tinder because I’m bored.”

Tip: if you feel like your profile appears as if you are bragging, then rewrite your profile accordingly and try to maintain a balance between confidence and modesty.

Display Your Sense Of Humor 

Having a good sense of humor is also an easy way to attract more matches on tinder. When you use humor in your profile you will give your matches a better idea of who you are. And if you can successfully make them laugh you will make them swipe in the right direction.

Make sure that your humor is not vulgar and doesn’t offend anyone. The joke about dogs that you find funny might not be for others. Also avoid controversial humor about race, politics, ethnicity, etc.

Upload Your Best Photos 

Your photos also play an important role in getting better matches for you. If you upload low-quality photos you will lose matches quickly. Make sure to upload your best photos that show you as an attractive person. 

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Use photo filters that enhance your looks. Avoid uploading photos that are pixelated, blurry, and taken from cheap cameras. Focus on choosing photos with better lighting where you look your best.

Do not upload too many photos as it can turn people off. An ideal number is to upload between 2 to 6 of your best photos. 

If you are a dog lover and looking for matches who love dogs then include a photo of you with your dog. This will attract more matches who also love dogs. Avoid uploading your childhood photos.

tinder profile photo

Use Good Looking Headshot Photos 

Upload a good looking headshot photo as your main profile photo. This will give your matches a better idea of how you look. If you are not good at clicking photos then take the help of your friend who is good at photography.

For taking ideal headshots make sure that your face is clearly visible. Take photos in places that are well lit and not dark.

Don’t make goofy or duck face when taking photos. Have a smile on your face and keep it natural. Also do not try to hide your face or your matches will not bother checking your profile.

Highlight your best feature in your photos. Studies have shown that men prefer women with beautiful eyes and lips while women prefer men with masculine features.

Upload Well Dressed Full Body Photos 

You can also include a well-dressed photo of a full-body shot like you are ready to go out of town or for a date night. This will give your matches an idea of how well you dress and the person you are. They don’t have to wonder about you when they decide to meet you.

As always make sure that you look your best. Tae photos with attractive backgrounds like strolling in a nice part of your city. Take the help of your photographer friend to take such photos.

It is also a good idea to upload photos where you are alone and not in a group. This will avoid your potential matches comparing you with others. Also do not upload photos with children.

Finally do not forget to maintain a positive body language when you take photos. It will not only make you look attractive, but you will also leave a good first impression on your matches.

Keep Changing Photos

Even though you feel you have uploaded your best photos, sometimes they may not work for you in getting more matches. In such cases, remove your old photos and upload new ones. This will give you a better idea of what kind of photos work.

Go through your old ones and see if you have any better photos. If you don’t, then take new ones by taking the help of your friend. You can also ask them to go through your photos and see which they think is best. 

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