How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Tinder And Date Her

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps which has made it possible for thousands of men to find their ideal date online. 

Even though they are successful in finding a girl they find it difficult to talk to them. The classic “What’s up?” line gets rejected most of the time and women don’t respond to that anymore.

Girls get hundreds of messages from men every day on tinder who try to impress them. You need to be different than the rest if you want to attract girls.

How To Talk To Girls On Tinder

If you have been rejected by girls on tinder in the past, it’s time to step up your game. Below are some tips on how to approach girls on tinder and chat with them.

Always Make The First Move 

Sometimes girls make the first move by sending you the message first but it should be always you who should make the first move.

When you message a girl first it shows her that you are interested. But it is a good idea to wait for some time once you have matched so that you don’t seem eager.

Most girls don’t make the first move since they think that you will assume they are more interested in you than you are.

You might also face a situation where the girl won’t even reply to your message. In such cases don’t take them seriously and just move on.

When you have more matches on tinder you have more chances of impressing girls and date them.

Use Her Name When Messaging Her 

You need to make the girl feel like you are talking to her personally and not treating her like any other girl.

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You can do this by using her name in your first message that you send. This will more likely make her respond to your messages positively.

You can send her something like, “Hi Kate, your profile photo looks awesome. You seem to be an adventurous girl.”

But remember not to use her name in every message you send. It will do more bad than good. Use her name only when necessary.

Don’t Be Boring 

Girls get bombarded with messages from hundreds of guys every day. All of them send boring messages and it sounds as if every guy is copy-pasting the same message to every girl they match with.

You need to be different than the rest and stand out if you want to get her interest. So send her messages that are unique and not seem like you are using them for every girl. Your goal is to make her curious to talk to you.

For example, you can say something like how you always get matched with girls who are not even ambitious (or any other traits) and it is the first time you get matched with an interesting girl like her whom you feel like talking to (learn from her profile to be more specific).

This way she will try to show you that she is different from other girls. You need to make her think. You need to make her talk to you.

If you start with hi or hello she will not even bother to respond. So be creative with your messages.

Check Your Grammar And Spelling

One big turn off when messaging a girl is typos, slangs, and spelling mistakes. If you want to impress a girl you need to make sure that your message is free from any kind of errors.

It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect with your grammar, punctuation, etc. just make sure that you use full words. Your match will appreciate it if you take your time to write to her.

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For example avoid sending messages like, “Hy gurl, wassup? Wanna hang out?” and say something like, “Hey Mary, I saw your photo in your profile and see that you have a husky. Even I have a husky too. May be our dogs can meet one day. What do you say? ;)”

Do waste your time crafting the perfect sentence. Just make sure that your words are correct. Even autocorrect can be a culprit sometimes so double check to make sure that it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence.

impress a girl

Find Common Interests 

One good tip to make her talk to you is by looking at her profile and find common interests before you send your first message.

When you find a common interest use this as a reference in your first message. This way you can make it a topic of conversation and show your interest in her. I will make her realize that you are not just interested in her because of her profile picture.

When you have a common interest it becomes much easier to start a conversation and get her interest.

Even if you don’t have common interest it’s okay. Just find something interesting in her profile and start messaging based on that.

For example, if her profile says that she is interested in hiking, ask her about her favorite hiking spot. If she loves traveling, ask her about her favorite place and her experiences. This will make her interested in talking to you.

Be Genuine 

As your conversation progresses she might ask you questions or even mention something that she finds interesting. Be genuine and thoughtful with your responses. 

When you respond, acknowledge her and be specific with your replies and follow up with a question. Don’t make her work hard to keep talking to you. Words like “wow”, “cool”, or “hmmm” will make her lose interest.

If she says that she loves playing keyboard, as her if she has any YouTube channel where you can watch her videos.

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You can also ask her other follow up questions like, “Since when did you started learning?” or “Have you ever thought of joining a band?”

Keep It Short 

Keep your messages short and focused. Long messages are fine only if you cannot convey something in a short message.

But it is better to stick to a short message at least in the beginning. Focus on one topic and write your message in one or two sentences so that it becomes easier for her to respond.

For example don’t send messages like, “I think I have seen you at a music concert. It was boring anyway. I wanted to talk to you but you were nowhere to be seen. I tried to find you everywhere. I wanted to invite you for dinner but I was sad as I couldn’t find you. Now I found you on tinder.”

Keep it simple like “I actually recognize you because I saw you at this music concert once. I’m glad I found you.”

Ask Her Number 

Once you have talked to each other for a while you can then proceed to the next step and ask for her number. If she seems interested when talking to you see will most probably give her number.

Since you are already talking on tinder for a while, you can ask her for a date. You can suggest a public place like a coffee shop for the meet. 

Asking to meet at a private place is not recommended and she might hesitate. So make it comfortable for her.

You can say something like “It’s fun messaging you but I would also like to listen to your voice. Can I have your number if it’s okay with you?” 

If you want to ask her for a date you can send like, “I had a great time talking to you and I would like to meet you someday. I heard this place [coffee shop name] is great. Can we meet this weekend if you are free?”

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