Is Tinder Gold Worth It? A Detailed Tinder Gold Review

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps that has made it possible for millions of people to find their love or even get laid.

One of the best things about Tinder is that you can start using it for free. Bu Tinder works in such a way that you will soon find yourself looking to upgrade your account that will allow you to get more likes and matches.

If you are planning to upgrade your account and wondering if Tinder gold is worth it then keep reading.

What Is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold

Tinder gold is a premium subscription that gives its users much more features than a regular account. 

One of the main purposes of having a Tinder gold account is to check who is genuinely interested in you.

When you know who has liked your profile you will be much more prepared to decide whether you want to swipe right or left.

How Much Does Tinder Gold Cost?

Tinder Gold price

Tinder doesn’t have a fixed pricing model. The price of Tinder gold changes based on age and location.

The fees will also change if you buy a 6 month or 1-year membership.

If you want to know that exact price of Tinder gold subscription open the Tinder app in your phone and click on the Tinder gold button.

Tinder Gold Features

Tinder Gold features

Tinder Gold is an upgraded account that is one level above Tinder plus. Below is a complete list of Tinder gold features:

  • See profiles who like you before you swipe 
  • Top picks 
  • Unlimited likes
  • 1 Tinder boost per month 
  • 5 super likes per day
  • No ads
  • Rewind (Unlimited swipe reverse)
  • Passport (swipe profiles in other location)
  • Limit profile information that others can see
  • Smart photos 
  • Limit visibility 

Let’s take a closer look at all the features starting with one of the best features of Tinder gold.

See Who Likes You

See who likes you

This is one of the main reasons to consider buying a Tinder gold subscription.

Are you curious about knowing who liked your profile before swiping right? Is it not letting you sleep? Don’t you have enough time to spend on dating apps?

Then Tinder gold is what you need. Regular Tinder account blurs the photo of the profile who has liked you and the photo won’t be revealed until both of you have swiped right.

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By using Tinder gold you can instantly see who has liked your profile. You can then decide whether you want to swipe left or right.

These profiles will be marked with a golden heart in your profile. If you swipe right any of the profile it will be an instant match.

Every person that has liked your profile will be listed here. Any profile that is swiped left will be removed from the list and the person who has swiped right will be matched. 

You will also get instant feedback on any changes. Whether you get more matches or likes it will be displayed as soon as they happen.

Tinder Top Picks

Tinder top picks

Apart from showing who liked your profile another feature of Tinder gold is top picks where Tinder uses a set of algorithms and tries to hook you up with your perfect match.

You can use this feature by tapping on the golden diamond. When you click on this button, it will take you to the top picks page where Tinder shows you a list of profiles that it thinks will perfectly match for you.

These profiles are shown only for 24 hours before they are updated again so be sure to swipe them right before the time runs out.

Some of the profiles also get title stamps that make it easier for you to scroll through the top picks. These title stamps are chosen by Tinder based on their profile information.

For example, if the person is related to fashion they will be labeled as ‘Fashionista’ and if they are related to sports they will be labeled as ‘Athlete’.

Other stamps include Adventurer, model, yogi, and a few more. But these stamps don’t tell what kind of person they are.

Based on other user reviews the chances of matching with these high-quality top picks are less and it’s just another way to for Tinder to push you to gold subscription.

Also, the number of top picks you get per day is limited. If you need more matches you need to buy more top- See profiles who like you before you swipe 

Unlimited Swipes

Tinder unlimited swipes

Tinder offers a generous 100 swipes per day free users and if you upgrade your account to Tinder gold you will get unlimited swipes.

Whether you need more than 100 swipes per day depends on the quality of your profile. If you are not getting enough matches then 100 swipes would be sufficient. If you constantly feel like you are out of swipes then Tinder gold is for you.

Tinder Boost

Tinder Super Boost

Boost is a feature in Tinder that puts your profile on the top for other users. Any person who has logged in to Tinder can see your profile at the top for 30 minutes.

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Tinder says that boost feature can increase your chances of getting seen by up to 10x times. If you have an attractive profile it can give you more matches.

If you are a Tinder gold or plus user you will get 1 free boost per month. Free users need to pay for this. Boost is available in 1, 5, and 10 packs.

Super Likes 

Tinder Super Likes

Another feature that increases your chances of getting matched is the ‘Super Like’ feature. According to Tinder the chances of getting matched is 3 times more and the conversations you have with your matches will be 70% longer than usual.

You can super like a profile by tapping on the blue star icon. I will send a notification to the user you liked and put your profile on the top of their list.

As usual, the probability of your match depends on how good your profile is. With Tinder Gold, you get 5 super likes per day.

No ads

Do you get frustrated when you are using Tinder and suddenly an ad pops into your face? Then you should upgrade your account to Tinder Gold.

If you are okay with using Tinder free account with ads then a gold subscription doesn’t provide much benefit to you.


Tinder Rewind

Another favorite feature of Tinder gold users is the Rewind tool.

Have you ever liked a profile too much but accidentally swiped left? Tinder free users will understand this pain.

By using Rewind you can undo this mistake and the profile you have swiped left will appear back on your screen. This will also work if you want to undo a profile that you have swiped right.

What Rewind cannot undo is a match. You can cancel a match easily by going to your messages.


Tinder Passport

By default, Tinder shows you matches that are near to your location. But what if you want to find matches in a different city? Or what if you have traveled to a different city and find matches there?

Tinder passport feature makes this possible. You can easily change your location manually and you will start getting matches in the location or pin you have set.

This feature is really good for those people who travel frequently. Before you even plan your travel you can set your location in Tinder and start finding matches.

Control Your Profile 

This feature is useful for those who want to keep their identity safe. All you have to do is change the setting to “Only people I’ve Liked” and only those people who have liked your profile will be able to see you.

Only people I've liked

When using this feature no other person can like you first which means that if you happen to be a match the other person has swiped you right.

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Another feature that is very useful is ‘Recently Active’ which will make sure that you are not swiping any inactive profiles.

Usually, when a person gets a match and starts dating they forget about Tinder and their profile will be inactive for a long time. You won’t know whether a person is actively using Tinder or not.

Recently Active

By changing your setting to “Recently Active” you are making sure that you are swiping only those profiles who are active on Tinder.

The only problem is that is there are not many matches then you will keep seeing the same profiles over and over again.

Smart Photos 

Tinder Smart Photos

According to Tinder smart photos feature reorders your photos to show the best ones at the top that is said to increase your matches by 12%.

Even though more matches are better many people still hate this feature. It’s because sometimes the feature does more bad for you than good.

For example, let’s say that you have an average Tinder profile and you are often getting swiped left. Tinder doesn’t get much data if you are not getting enough right swipes.

So Tinder will mindlessly keep rearranging your photos that can scare off your matches. So you are better off testing photos on your own instead of using smart photos.

Limit visibility 

Tinder limit visibility

Some Tinder users are not comfortable with sharing the age and location details with other users. 

So Tinder Gold comes with limited visibility features that will let you hide your age and location.

But the drawback of this feature is that your matches will find you sketchy and not a genuine person. Most of the time they will just ignore you rather than try to find out more about you.

So, Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

By looking at all the features that Tinder Gold provides over Tinder Plus, it is not worth unless you are dying to find out who liked you and whether you need a suggestion feature like Top Picks.

If you don’t need such features then you are better off saving you money and go for Tinder Plus. 

By reading the above review you have a better understanding of all the pros and cons of Tinder Gold and whether those features suit your usage or not.

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