Do Military Guys Want Relationships? 10 Things You Should Know

Do military guys want relationships? Yes, they do.

Even military men are just like any other human being with feelings and emotions. Most women think that military men are only looking for hookups.

But contrary to popular belief, they are also looking for real relationships. They get lonely, too.

See anywhere and you will only find how everyone is talking about women wanting to be in a relationship and how they can get it. The society’s thought of masculinity and men’s feelings doesn’t allow them to express what they want in a relationship. This is even harder for some who is in the military.

Do Military Guys Want Relationships?

Let’s create that space for all the military men and talk about the reasons on why do military guys want relationships.

They Are Looking For Companionship

As I said earlier, not every military man is like a young college jerk who is just looking for hookups. Many of them are looking for comfort and companionship.

Military men spend most of their time in deployments, away from their family and friends. It will soon start getting lonely for them. And when they see other military men with their girlfriends, they will start feeling it would be nice to share their life with someone.

The companionship of a girl with whom they can spend their time and grow with them becomes important. Even men are not much different than women. They also want all the snuggles, laughs, and everything else that a woman wishes for.

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It Can Be Emotionally Fulfilling

If men feel lonely just like women, you might think why can’t they fulfill their needs with hookups or friends with benefits?

You need to understand that such random hookups are not emotionally fulfilling. Once the act is finished you are back to being alone. There are no cuddles the next morning and you can’t even text her later.

When you are casually hooking up with someone, it will leave you much emptier than when you are caring for her. And at some point, even guys want to care.

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They Feel Relationships Are Natural

For some guys, being in a relationship just feels right. If they are going to hook up with a girl, they are going to get her number, talk to her, and work on building a relationship with her.

Military men are known to be chivalrous. They know how to take care of a girl and understand it’s a sign of respect. They realize if they enjoy being with a girl and she also feels the same, then he will build a relationship with her.

They Want To Be A Gentleman

Some men are natural at being a gentleman and they want to be in a beautiful relationship with a woman. They know how to respect a woman and treat them equally.

When they like a woman, they want to treat them as equals and want to be their boyfriend. Haven’t you seen those guys in the movies who open the door for you, pay for the dinner and be the perfect gentleman? It’s nice to have such a man in your life, right?

They Want To Get Intimate

This might just be the elephant in the room. Even military men like any other man look forward to physical intimacy.

Let’s get real here. One of the benefits of having a girlfriend is the physical aspects of a relationship. When you love and care about your girlfriend a lot, physical intimacy is entirely different than when you are hooking up with an unknown person.

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You are connecting with her not just physically, but also emotionally. This emotional fulfillment of being physical with someone you trust and care about is not possible in hookups.

They Need Someone Who Can Take Care Of Them

Even though military men can take care of themselves very well, it’s nice to have someone who cares for you.

This is something that can be seen a lot where girlfriend takes care of their military boyfriend by sending them gifts, meeting them during deployments, or making them feel special when they come back home.

Such small things hold a lot of value in relationships. It makes them feel good and appreciated. Even though a man won’t actively don’t seek out a girl who can do such favors for him, when she does such things, it surely is one of the benefits of being in a relationship.

They Also Want Someone To Take Care Of

Being in a relationship is not just about someone who takes care of you, but also about taking care of them. And this is something military men are well known for. This is why they make for the best boyfriends.

In a relationship, there is a lot of give and take. When you get a favor, you always return it. When she takes care of you, you will also take good care of her. And military men don’t shy from showing how much they care about the love of their life.

Even for men who are known to be playboys, all it takes is one woman to change their lives forever. And once they fall in love there is no going back.

They Want To Be Your Hero

Every guy wants to be his girlfriend’s superhero. They don’t just want to open the jar lid for you but also want to be your protector. They don’t just want to see you leap tall buildings or catch a bullet but also carry you in their arms and show you the world.

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And when they find a woman who allows them to make them feel like a hero, they will give their best to make you feel beautiful.

They Are Looking For Support

The job of a military man can sometimes get stressful and difficult. And when his days get tough, he will be looking for someone whom he can lean on.

Getting the support of a friend or a family is very different than getting support from your loved one. The care and support that you get from your girlfriend give more comfort than any other person.

They Want To Have Real Communication

Relationships are built on communication. Talking about having a family, kids, and future are something that even men want as much as a woman.

Such things are not possible if men are looking for a woman just for a hookup. Real communication is only possible only when you are looking for a real relationship.

When you finally decide to settle in life, that’s when you get serious about your relationship. For most men, settling down won’t become an option until they meet a woman with whom they want to spend their life. And to find that special someone, you need to take that first step of getting into a relationship.

Don’t believe everything you see and read. Not all military men are hookups. Some just want to love you, care for you, support you, and spend all their life with you. And the challenge is to find the one who wants a relationship.

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