Army Girlfriend What To Expect – Things You Should Know

Once your boyfriend has joined the military, he will commit the next several years of his life to serve his country. If your boyfriend has already left for his service or getting ready to leave, you must be trying to spend every moment with him.

If you are still a new military girlfriend, you might not know much about what to expect when your boyfriend has left for service. Spending months or years without him will become the new normal.

Every military long-distance relationship can get distance because of the distance, worries, sacrifices, and so on. Many young military girlfriends feel pressured because of this. But by standing by your boyfriend you can face all the ups and downs of being in a military relationship.

What To Expect As An Army Girlfriend?

For all the young and new army girlfriends, here are a few things that you should know what to expect when you get into a military relationship. Knowing beforehand can help you cope when your military boyfriend is away.

Initial Days Will Be Hard

It is always hard to watch when your boyfriend leaves for his service after swearing-in. Sometimes you won’t even get enough time to say goodbye or I love you.

The initial few weeks can be the toughest for you. Your boyfriend whom you were seeing every day has suddenly left leaving you alone. You will start missing him so much that every place, object, song, etc will remind you of him.

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There Will Be Almost No Communication

Military Deployments can be very unpredictable and the opportunity for phone calls is less. You will be waiting near your phone all day long hoping to get a call from him but you won’t be sure if you even get the call or not.

There will also be times when you have to rely on letters to communicate with him without even knowing when you will get a letter from him. In such cases, all you can do is be positive and hope that you will soon get a phone call or letter from him.

You Have To Live Alone

Even though you prepare yourself mentally for the separation during deployments, it will still become hard to stay along without him.

And even when he is not deployed, do not think that he will stay at home with you. He will be gone for training, field operations, working long nights, etc.

It will feel like you are living alone even when he is with you. This can get even harder when you have kids and you start feeling like you are a single parent.

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He Will Always Choose His Career Over You

This is one fact that you will have to accept whether you like it or not. Just because you are his girlfriend and an important part of his life doesn’t mean that he will choose you over his job.

For a military man, serving his country will always come first. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you.

And if you planning to get married, then you will have to put your dreams, goals, and careers on hold unless you are a teacher or a nurse. This is because you will have to keep moving every few years and it can get challenging if you have a job in any other field.

Military Life Takes Over You

There is a saying, “If the military wants you to have a partner, they will issue you one.”

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Once you have a military boyfriend, there is very little that you can do for him. You will feel left out whenever you meet him. You will always come second for him.

Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, or anything, he can never be there for you since he will either be in deployment or training.

You will also have to learn a lot of military acronyms and abbreviations since those will become his second nature and he will start talking to you in the same way.

The Government will also decide where you live, your kid’s school, your vacation, etc. You will also have to live among strangers since you keep moving often.

They Always Move Fast In Relationship

Even though this may not apply for everyone, working in the military usually means you will be away serving for a long time. And because of this, military relationships move very fast than a regular relationship. That means getting serious about relationships, marriage and kids becomes quick.

They Will Keep Secrets

One thing that women don’t like is secrets kept away from them. And this will become a bigger part of your life when you have a military boyfriend.

When you are in the military there is a lot of confidential information that will be shared with you, that you can only reveal to your unit and no one else. And as obvious as it is, he cannot share any secrets with you.

When talking about secrets, it doesn’t only have to be related to confidential information. When serving in the military he will see so much pain and take tough calls that he will experience different heartbreak.

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When coming back from his deployment, he might not share his pain. You can’t take this personally and can’t even force him to share it with you. You may have to wait until he opens up by himself. And some secrets might remain secret forever. You just have to be okay with it.

It Can Get Scary

Being a military girlfriend can get scary sometimes since nothing is guaranteed about your boyfriend’s safety. You can never say when your boyfriend has to face a bullet during a war and that’s a hard fact you will have to digest.

You can’t even do anything about it. All you can do it pray for his safety. But even though it’s scary, it only gets sweeter when he returns home. So always remember to cherish every moment you spend with him.

You Have To Deal With Stress

Unless you are flexible, there can be a lot of stress that comes when you are a military girlfriend. And this is something more common in the military relationship than any other relationship.

Listening to the horror stories of countless divorce cases can sometimes make you lose hope on the chances of success of your relationship. Only by having open, honest communication and talking about each other’s needs, you can overcome this.

Being in a military relationship doesn’t mean it is only filled with difficulties. The benefits of a military girlfriend far outweigh the challenges you will face.

And by learning how to be a good military girlfriend you can overcome these challenges and also support your boyfriend thereby making your relationship much stronger than before.

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