What To Text A Girl To Make Her Smile? [40 Powerful Text Examples]

Want to what to text a girl to make her smile? When the text ideas are running in your mind, guys feel like it is easy, but when they take the phone in their hands they will get confused and hesitate.

There is no need to worry. Every guy who wants to build a relationship with a girl they like will keep finding different ways to make her smile and texting is one of the easiest ways to do it. By letting a girl know that you are thinking about her makes her feel loved and cared.

By sending text messages about your hobbies and interest, sharing jokes, etc can make a girl smile.

Before I dove into some of the best text messages that you can send a girl below are some tips on how to text a girl to make her smile that you can start using right away.

Use Nicknames

One of the easiest ways to make a girl smile is to give her sweet and cute nicknames. But don’t just give her any random nickname.

The key is to find a nickname that you can have fun with. If you can come up with a nickname that you think can make you smile, then there is a better chance that it can make her also smile.

If you are finding it hard to come up with nick names, then use classic nicknames like cutie pie, snugglebear, butter cup, etc and see if that works for you.

Another way to come up with nicknames is to find out about any funny incident that happened to her and make up a name related to that.

If you are still finding it difficult to find a nickname for her, then why not ask her to help you out. You can text her something like “hmm I need to come up with a nickname for you..” and see what she replies. This can also be a fun way to start a conversation.

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Friendly Banter

Another good way to make a girl smile is to by making use of friendly banter exchanges. You can make use of the same banter techniques while texting girls which you use while approaching women.

A good idea for using banter techniques is by making use of role play while texting.

By using fun roles to play, you can keep her engaged and interested and make her smile. For example, tell her to pretend that she is a stalker and text her something like, “Did I just catch you spying on me while I was changing my dress?”

This kind of role playing will make way for fun and interesting conversations. Keep in mind that the role of as stalker will work if she is really stalking you or it might creep her out.

Another way to make use of bantering is by playful teasing. Teasing is another great way of making a girl smile while showing that you are not intimidated by her.

But keep in mind not to overdo it so much that it may offend her. Keep it light and it is sure to make her smile. Another tip here is to make use of smileys in your text messages. Usage of smileys in your text messages can make a lot of difference.

Stroke Her Ego

This may not make her laugh, but it is sure to make her smile. By stroking a girl’s ego, it will make her feel good about herself and it is as simple as letting her know that you are thinking about her.

People love it when someone thinks about them in a positive way and texting her telling that she in on your mind will surely make her smile.

A tip here to let her know that you are thinking about her is to relate something or someone in your day that reminded you of her.

A classic example would be to text her something like “I just saw this cute puppy in the park today morning and it made me think of you.”

The Odd Time

One of the easiest ways to make a girl laugh is by using the odd time technique. You do this by picking up an odd time whenever you plan to meet.

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If she text you something like “let’s meet up at 5”, you reply by saying, “that’s soooo early, let’s meet at 5.07”. This bit of playfulness is going to make smile easily.

Having The Right Mindset

The most important part when making a girl smile is to have fun. The more fun you have the more ways are going to come up with to make her smile.

Take some risks ad don’t be afraid to try new things and make the whole process enjoyable for both of you.

What To Text A Girl To make Her Smile?

Below are some text ideas on what to text a girl to make her smile and help you get started:

– Hey cutie. I hope you are having a beautiful day.

– God, your smile is so magnificent.

– I was just thinking about you and it made me smile.

– I was dreaming about you last night and I was wondering if you were also dreaming about me?

– You look so beautiful when you smile, so I want to make you smile again and again.

– I just saw something that made me remind you so I felt like talking to you.

– I feel so happy whenever I talk to you.

– You are everything for me.

– I’m counting every second to be with you again.

– I fall in love with you every time I see you.

– I’m so much lucky that I got to know you.

– You are the first person that I think of every morning.

– Sometimes it feels like a dream that you are with me. I’m so lucky that I deserve you.

– I’ll fight everything to be with you.

– I care about you so much that I can’t even explain. I love you.

– You are the whole world for me. I love you a lot.

– I would do anything just to see that beautiful smile on your face.

– The only reason I’m so much happy today is because of you. I love you.

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– They say love makes you do some crazy things. I understand that now.

– My life has become beautiful only because of you.

– Being in love with you is one of the best gifts that I have received in my life.

– There is nothing else in this world that I can love more than you. Love you lot.

– Without you my life is meaningless. I love you, sweetheart.

– I can never get enough of loving you. My life gets better and better every day.

– How do you manage to look so beautiful everyday? I look so pale in front of you.

– I’m so much lost in your love and I would love to be lost in this forever.

– No matter how much I try I’m not able to sleep because of you. You are the only thing in my mind.

– You are the light in my darkness. I love you a lot.

– Words feel short to express how beautiful you have made my life. I love you, sugar.

– Just the thought of you melts my heart in an instant. What magic is this?

– You are my queen and I hope you will take me as your king.

– I wish I was your mirror so that I can see you day and night.

– May you only get sweet dreams, my love. Good night.

– I never believed in love at first sight and then you came into my life. Now I fall in love at first sight every day.

– I hope you know how to perform CPR as I lose my breath every time I see you.

– Can you give me my heart back? I lost it the moment I saw you.

– I moment I first saw you I thought I had died since you were looking so angelic.

– Thank you for coming into my life. I love you a lot.

– I could talk with you forever and never get bored.

– I want to be your partner in crime for everything.

Do you have any more tips of what to text a girl to make her smile? Share with us in the comments section below.

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