How To Talk To Your Girlfriend After A Long Time? 11 Tips To Talk To Her

In this post, we will talk about how to text your girlfriend after a long time.

Talking to your girlfriend is easy, but when you haven’t talked to her for a long time you might not know how to start or find it difficult to come up with topics to talk with her.

You can text your girlfriend after a long time by talking about fun and interesting things. Sometimes you will have the fear that you might have run out of things to say. But don’t worry. It’s not your fault.

There might be many reasons why you haven’t talked to your girlfriend for a long time but if you are not connecting anymore with her, it might even lead to a breakup and you don’t want that to happen.

Below are some of the tips on how you can text your girlfriend if you have not talked to her for a long time.

Talk About Fun Things

One of the easiest ways to start a conversation is by remembering the fun and interesting memory from the past.

Try to remember a funny memory which you and your girlfriend did together that you can use to connect with her. If you have a sweet nickname for your girlfriend then you can slip it in there too.

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Another tip is to talk about a positive experience that you both had in the past. This will also make up for an interesting conversation.

Not just past, you can also talk about present things with her. This is easy. Just ask her about her day. Girls love it when guys listen to them. Whether it was good or bad, listen to what she has to say.

You can also share the things that happened in your day. The more interesting your day was, the more things you will have to talk about.

Talk About Your Feelings

Are you craving for pizza? A weekend road trip? A movie? Pick your phone and tell her. It is very important to be emotionally connected with her too.

Open up your feelings with her and it will even help you emotionally stable. Even your girlfriend will be happy that you trust her with your feelings and this will help in strengthening your bonds.

Follow Up With Her

Was there any important conversation that you had with your girlfriend in the past? You can follow up with her and find out what happened.

For example, if she had any issue at her workplace, ask her and find out if it was resolved. You can ask something like, “Hey, I just remember you had the issue about ____________? What happened to that?”

Talk About Entertainment

Even though TV is called an idiot box that is said to drain our productivity, when it comes to building a relationship, it is actually helpful.

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Talk about shows and movies that both of you would like to watch together. Such small activities will also help in building your bond in a big way.

Talk About Future

Talking about your future with your girlfriend is also a healthy way of building your bond. It will make for some interesting conversations and opinions. Your girlfriend will also be happy about the fact that you are discussing your future with her.

how to text your girlfriend after a long time

Make Plans Together

When you are in a relationship you will have a lot of goals that you want to achieve together. Why not make plans about the next immediate goal and talk about it? When your girlfriend feels like she is in this together with you, it can great things will happen.

Talk About Your Conflicts

If you had a fight or disagreement with your girlfriend that last time you talked, instead of giving her the silent treatment, use the opportunity to have a conversation with her.

You can text her something like, “Het, are you free? Can we talk about this?” Only a confident man can do this work on getting back together. When it comes to relationship problems will always arise and you can make your relationship stronger only by solving them.

Plan For Lunch Or Dinner

We all love food and we love it even more, when we eat with our loved ones. Ask about her favorite restaurant or suggest a favorite restaurant of ours and plan for a lunch or dinner.

If your girlfriend is a foodie she will very happy when you make plans for food. Just make sure not to dominate in everything you talk about. Let her decide where to go if she is excited about it.

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Talk About Mundane Things

Do not underestimate the power of talking about mundane and silly things with your girlfriend. You can talk about what you are doing at home, what she had for breakfast, etc.

It’s not what you talk about but how to talk to her that matters. But don’t be the only one to make the conversation and at the same time don’t let her be the only one.

Talk About Your Goals And Dreams

All of us have some kind of goals and dreams that we would like to achieve. Ask your girlfriend about her dreams and also tell her about yours.

This will give you a clear idea about what she wants to achieve for which you can support and her and make it come true.

Don’t Do Anything Else

We often do multitasking when we are texting and in this case when you are texting your girlfriend, don’t do anything else. It’s already been a while since you have talked to her so don’t make her wait more.

Your girlfriend might not show it but she will be very happy to talk to you after a long time. Talk to her a lot and listen to her at the same time. Even small talk will make it more meaningful.

I hope you will find many interesting things to text your girlfriend after a long time. Not get that phone and start texting.

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