How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Meet Up With You?

Getting your ex girlfriend to meet up for a coffee or anywhere else can be easier than you think because even if your ex denies your offer initially, you can still change her mind.

If you are trying to learn how to text your ex girlfriend to meet up then these tips can help you in successfully making your ex girlfriend to meet you.

Make Her Smile

If you can make a woman smile you can be sure that she won’t be angry at you for a long time even though she tries to act cold initially.

Her anger towards you will fade away gradually and she will start enjoying talking to you.

Whenever you text her keep it relaxed and light hearted and she won’t be able to hold on to her anger at you.

Let’s take the example of a guy who wants to meet up with his ex girlfriend. He might text her something like:

“Hi, Jane, hope you are doing good. Would you like to meet up for coffee sometime?”

In most cases, sending such text messages won’t work.

You may think that seeing your text she will put aside all her negative feelings and come running towards you but it doesn’t work like that.

If that’s the reaction you are hoping for then you will never get it from her and that is why you need to make her laugh and smile before you even ask her to meet up.

So, how can you make her smile?

Let’s take another example.

If you want to meet up with your ex girlfriend you might text her something like,

“Hi, how are you?”

You will most probably get a reply from her like,

“I’m fine.”

You can then respond to her by saying,

“That’s great. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to meet this really beautiful woman for coffee tomorrow at the cafe we used to go regularly. Do you still remember it?”

She might flip out and respond like this,

“WTH? You are actually texting me to tell me that you are going to date another woman? Are you crazy?”

This is where you can make her laugh by saying,

“LOL no. But I’m still waiting for her to let me know what time I can come to pick her tomorrow.”

She will then probably realize that you were just pulling her leg and starts laughing for being a victim of your joke and at the same time feel flattered that you were referring to her as beautiful.

At this point she will start getting curious to know about how much you have changed and what you feel about her since you were so confident and being your best to joke with her and make her laugh instead of being insecure.

She will start respecting you more and will open to talk with you again. You can continue by saying,

“I was just joking. But I think it would be fun to catch up again over a cup of coffee. You can let me know whenever you are free.”

She will most probably be more than ready to accept your offer. When you meet her just make sure that you don’t go back to your old self and focus on the new found respect ad attraction that she is feeling towards you. This way you can guide her back into relationship again.

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Send A Friendly Text

Whether you trying to make her smile or just send a friendly text, the important tip that you need to remember is that you need to keep things light and relaxed.

Don’t take things seriously and for sure don’t go into deep discussion about your past and generate any kind of tension between you two.

This will generate negative emotions inside her and any chances of you connecting with her will come to an end. Just make sure to be friendly and everything will be fine.

Start with a few friendly text messages and after you have exchanged texts for a few minutes you can ask her,

“How about we meet up over a cup of coffee this weekend?”

 If she is resistant you might expect responses like,

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to meet again.”


“We have broken up and I don’t think we should open old wounds.”


“I need more time.”

Regardless of what she has to say to you, you should not get upset and angry on her and reply her like,

“Please, I’m missing you a lot. I want to badly see you. Come on, just meet me once atleast. Please.”

Getting annoyed, insecure or forcing her will not make her want to meet you. If you want to see her again you need to be patient and gain her respect and attraction towards you.

If you ever reply like the example above she might think, “Oh God, he has gone crazy. He still thinks he can command and make me meet him again. I will block his number and will never be in touch with him again.”

If your ex girlfriend is in denial mode or playing hard to get you can text her like,

“Look, all I’m asking for is 10 minutes. Just because we are having it does not mean that we will be together again. We are mature adults and I think we can meet up for coffee as friends. If we meet up and afterwards you ever feel that you don’t want to hear from me ever again, I will respect it and never contact you again.

So, what do you say? We can atleast meet over a coffee as friends or may be a goodbye if you never want to meet again. If you are okay we will catch up this weekend.”

If she is fine with it she might say,

“Okay fine, but we are meeting only this once.”

And if she hates you and never wants to see you again,

“As long as you never contact me again I’m fine with that.”

This is where you can make plans to meet her.

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Even in this situation just make sure not to divulge in the past and take advantage of the situation and do everything possible to turn her feeling towards you again.

Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Make Your Ex Girlfriend To Meet Up

Convincing your ex girlfriend to meet up might not be as hard as most guys think but there are certain mistakes that need to be avoided if you want to be successful in making your ex to meet you again.

how to text a guy who is ignoring you

Persuade Her

Many guys are scared to text their ex for the fear of being rejected or getting cold response. They just try to break the ice by sending a friendly text.

But you should only texting as a means of getting her to respond and convince her to meet you.

The mistake most guys do here is that they just send vague and pointless texts like “How are you?” or “What are you doing?” and hope that she will be ready to meet you again.

But the thing is that if your ex girlfriend is still angry towards you for what happened during your relationship, any text you send her can be perceived in a wrong way.

Many studiers has shown that 90% of communication between two people in non-verbal. What this means is that your ex is not just going to make up her mind based on what you are saying but the major part depends on how you approach her.

So whenever you text your ex she should feel like, “Wow, is it really my ex? He sounds so confident and attractive. He wants to meet me for coffee.” and not “Is he crazy? He wants to meet me even after what all has happened? He hasn’t changed a bit. There is no way I’m going to meet him again.”

If you keep insisting her and force her to meet you then she will think that you haven’t changed at all and completely deny from meeting you again.

If texts are not working for you then you can try talking to her over phone. Your tone and approach can help you in convincing her if your text cannot.

Make Her Feel Pity For You

Most guys feel frustrated if their ex girlfriend acts stubborn and refuses to meet up. Because of this they will try to make her feel pity for them as a means to make her give in and say yes.

They might say something like,

“Come on, all I’m asking is to meet for a cup of coffee. Do you feel happy by hurting me? Can’t you see that I’m already hurt so much? Please meet me one more time.”

Making a woman feel pity or guilt will make her more angry and turn her off. This is because women don’t like being forced to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Your ex girlfriend will not care much if she doesn’t feel any respect or attraction towards you. Do not make use of the pity card if you want to convince her.

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Before you even try to ask her to meet up you need to first gain her respect and attraction. This will motivate her to accept you offer to meet and not because she feels pity or guilt.

Taking Rejection Seriously

Most women don’t want to show that they are desperate to meet their ex so most of the times they reject initial offer to meet up.

The mistake men do here is that they take the rejection too seriously and end up taking wrong decisions which will ultimately hurt their chances of meeting up with their ex.

But there is no need to worry. If you ex says no to meet, it is not the end of the world.

Just keep up with your efforts to make her smile, keep things friendly, respect her and eventually she will make up her mind to meet you again.

So instead of getting upset over your rejection you can change the situation by saying, “Hey, all I’m asking is for 10 minutes. I didn’t ask for your kidney.” and make her smile.

Don’t give up, make her comfortable and wait until she accepts.

Respect Her Decision

Sometimes even your best efforts can go in vain and your ex girlfriend may not agree to meet up with you.

She might be thinking she doesn’t want to give you any wrong idea that she is interested in getting back together again and so she will try to be rude with you so that you will not contact her again.

If you ever get a negative response you can respond something like,

“I thought it would be a good idea for us to catch up as friends over a cup of coffee. Just because you have agreed doesn’t mean that we will be back together again. After our meet if you feel like we can meet again, then it would be great.

But if you feel you don’t want to talk to me ever again, then I’ll respect your wishes and leave you alone. This way we both can have a closure. Atleast the last thing you remember about me will not be bitter. Don’t you think this would be better than just ignoring each other?”

This might put her at ease and make her think why she is acting stubborn. All you are asking is to meet for a cup of coffee.

But you should also remember that not all approach can be a success. If all your tries have failed and she still says no then it would be better to respect her wishes and leave her alone.

Take Action

If you have gone through the no contact period and still wondering how to convince your ex girlfriend to meet up, take action, pick up the phone and text her.

I hope this article of how to text your ex girlfriend to meet up was helpful. How would approach your ex girlfriend to meet you? Let us know in the comments below.

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