What To Text Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him? 25 Cute Missing You Messages For Him

Long distance relationship can get hard sometimes. Whenever you see other couples or listen to romantic songs, all you can think of is being with the love of your life. You will miss him so much, you feel like you want to cuddle with him, hug him and just want to spend the moment with him.

You don’t know if your boyfriend is free or busy for you to call him. So, the best way to let him know how much you miss him is via text. But sometimes sentiments and emotions get lost in a text message. So what to text your boyfriend when you miss him? Let me give you some text ideas that you can use to text your boyfriend.

  • I was reading our old messages and smiling like an idiot. I miss you so much.
  • I just wish you could be here with me right now.
  • I wish I could just cuddle and talk to you now.
  • Whenever I hug you I feel like I’m at home. And I’m feeling home sick right now.
  • The happiness in my life is incomplete without you.
  • I wish I could be with you, wherever you are right now.
  • I miss you a lot. I want you to hug me tightly.
  • Even though you are far away from me, just one message from you brightens my whole day.
  • I’m missing you since the moment you left me.
  • I wish I could just kiss you right now.
  • I’m jealous of all the people who get to meet you every day.
  • I just went through something good/bad and I want you to be the first one to know.
  • Can you feel how much I’m missing you right now?
  • I never knew missing someone would be this much hard.
  • I just wanted to say I miss you a lot.
  • I miss the feel of your warm hands on my shoulders.
  • It would be an understatement for me to say that I miss you.
  • I would do anything to be with you right now.
  • There are not enough words to express how much I miss you.
  • I will stop missing you the moment you are beside me.
  • I need you like how a heart needs a heartbeat. You are my heartbeat.
  •  Dying feels much better than missing you. Come back to me soon.
  • Every time you cross my mind, I terribly miss that hug from you. I miss you a lot.
  • There is nothing painful than missing you. I need you badly. Miss you, baby.
  • Missing you is my disease and the only cure is your hug. Come back to me soon.
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What do you text your boyfriend when you miss him? Do you have any more text ideas on what to text your boyfriend when you miss him? Share with us in the comment section below.

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