What To Text Your Crush At Night? 12 Tips To Start A Conversation With Him

So you have freshly started dating someone and you really like this guy. You are so much excited that you feel like even 24 hours of the day is not enough to talk with him.

There are certain boundaries that you need to maintain when you are texting a guy you like. More so, when you are texting him late at night. If you send a wrong text, it might give a bad impression about you. Sending a wrong message at the wrong time can be misinterpreted, even if it’s just “what’s up?”.

What To Text Your Crush At Night

Some say that texting late at night may project you as a insecure person. Your intentions may be innocent, but anything you send him after 10 pm could freak him out.

So then, what to text a guy at night? Just sending a “hi” might be difficult to start a conversation during late night. Let me give you a few ideas on what to text your crush at night?

The Concern

One of the most basic opener lines that you can use is asking him about his day.

“Hey, how was your day?”

Whether his day was good or bad, it will give him a reason to respond to you. And if he likes you, he might even express his feelings with you. This is one of the simplest text message that you can use to start a conversation with him.

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The Follow Up

Use this text if you and your crush have been on a date and make sure that you send him on the same day. This is a good way to show him that you are interested in him and enjoyed his company.

“I really enjoyed today. We should catch up again soon.”

The Interesting Plot

Another way to get his interest and make him respond at late night is to talk about something that will intrigue him.

“You won’t believe what I saw today.”

Just make sure that you actually encountered something interesting to share with him. Also keep all the interesting details lined up before you text him so that you don’t get caught in your own web of lies. It is not healthy to piss off someone late at night.

Make Him Wonder

This one depends entirely on your imagination. You can take it anywhere with this one.

“I had an amazing dream about you.”

Current Affairs

This will work better if both of have similar interests. It can be anything from sports, movies, politics and the likes of it.

“Did you watch the final episode of [TV series name]. It was so shocking.”

Just make sure that you keep the topic light-hearted and casual. Anything debatable or which might turn into an argument should be avoided.

The Planner

This message works for you since there is no way to tell if the message was sent specifically to him or multiple recipients.

“Becca’s hosting a party this weekend. Are you joining?”

This is great way to set up a date with him without any pressure.

what to text your crush at night

Fate Or Fake

This works best if you haven’t texted your crush for some time or run of ideas to talk to him. This can be a great way to start a conversation for you, if you don’t know what to text a guy at night.

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“Wow, I was just thinking about you and saw your photo on my facebook timeline. How have you been?”

The Confession

If you want to know more about your crush, you can use this text.

“What is the funniest thing you have even done?”

This can also be a perfect way to start a conversation with your crush late at night.

The Joker

If you have a good of sense of humor and can describe things in a funny way, then you can use this text.

“Want to listen to this funniest thing that happened to me today?”

Build up the anticipation and make him laugh. Guys like women who can make them laugh and if you are successful at it, he might even be interested to talk to you at night.

The Memer

If you come across a meme that can be related to him, then you can use it to start a conversation with him.

“This meme perfectly describes you.”

This is a good way to make him laugh and also to let him know that you know a lot about him.

Ask Him For Recommendations

If you liked something that he has recommended you before, then this can be another smooth way to start a conversation with him.

“I really enjoyed [TV series name]. Since it’s over, is there any other interesting TV series that you can recommend?”

You will also earn some brownie points since you liked something that he has recommended and asking him for more.

Just Ask Him Out

Let him know directly that to want to spend time with him and he will be impressed by your confidence. It is a great way to let him know that you enjoy his company.

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“Shall we meet up this saturday?”

This could be a good opener text for someone you like. And if he likes you, he will be more than happy to meet you.  

If you have any more tips on how to text a guy at night, share with us in the comments section below.

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