What To Text A Guy After First Kiss? Let Him Know You Are Interested Or Not

After their first kiss, every guy wants to know how his girlfriend felt about it. If you have kissed a guy on your date, then you must be wondering what to text a guy after first kiss.

It is always a good idea to let the guy know how you felt about the kiss and texting is one of the easiest ways to let your feelings reach him.

We asked hundreds of guys for their opinions on what to text after a kiss and this is what they had to say.

Be Honest

One of the best ways to let a guy how you felt is by being honest about the kiss. Guys feel touched when girls express their honest feelings. It doesn’t matter if you are silent during the kiss. Just enjoy the moment.

Even if you make the guy anxious because of your silence, you can relieve him by letting him know how you felt via text message.

“Oh wow, that was my first kiss ever. I felt a bit embarrassed.”

Don’t Text Him A Lot

None of us like to get bombarded be text messages from someone we hardly know. You might come off as a creepy person if you text him a lot.

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So avoid sending a lot of texts after your first kiss. Just keep things moderate and don’t text him often.

So how will you know how much to text? It’s easy. Just mirror him and follow his lead. For every text he sends, send him a reply of your own. You can send him more than one if you want to make any future plans with him.

Describe Your Feelings In A Sensual Way

how to kiss better

Another way to make a guy crazy about you after a kiss is by letting him know how you felt, in a sensual way.

One guy confessed, “It feel so sexy when a girl talks about my lips after a kiss”. Guys go crazy when a girl can express her feelings in a sexy manner.

“Your lips were so warm, I felt like I was going to melt when I was kissing you.”

Be Cool

Even if you have fallen head over heels for him, just don’t look obsessed and try to play it cool. You need to have control over your emotional aspect.

If needed you can tell him about your feelings a little but make sure you tone it down so that you don’t overwhelm him.

Are You In Love? Tell Him

Did you feel the spark when you kissed him for the first time a think that there is something more?

Honesty is indeed the best policy. But just because you felt something more doesn’t necessarily mean that you have really fallen in love with him.

Even if you felt that your chemistry was in sync right off the bat, you can tell your feelings to him in a cute way.

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“Wow, ever since I kissed you I haven’t been able to take you off my head.”   

Plan For Round Two

If you really enjoyed your first kiss with a guy, you can let him know that you are ready for a second one.

This will take the guy’s excitement to a whole new level. Men feel happy and relieved when they come to know that his girl enjoyed the kiss. If you are really sure that this guy is a relationship material, then you can take your relation further.

“I really enjoyed our kiss last night. Shall we do it again?”

Play With Him

What To Do After First Date

Another way to make a guy go crazy is to act like you didn’t enjoyed the kiss. “It’s so cute when a girl does that”, said a guy in his 20s.

Some guys confessed it is a big turn on for them. If the guy feels sorry about it, you can be sure that he is trying his best.

You can confess to him later that you were just playing around. If you liked the guy and want to take your relationship to next level, this is when you can try to be cute.

“You need to keep kissing me until you get it right.”

Compliment Him

Everyone likes to be complimented. Even guys are no exception.

If he was a really good kisser or did something that made you feel special, then let him know. It will not only make him feel appreciated, but also settles his nervousness.

On the plus side, positive comments will make him hooked to you.

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Show You Are Nervous

If you show that you are nervous, guys will try to comfort you. This will also encourage them to take charge.

“Oh no! I just had my first kiss. What do I do now?”

Don’t forget to show your excitement to give him a hint that you have enjoyed it too, so that he won’t get anxious. You can tell him how fast your heart was beating because of the excitement during your kiss.

What If You Didn’t Like Your First Kiss

This depends on whether you liked the guy or not. Just like you, even guys get nervous when they are kissing.

They get anxious thinking whether you liked it or not. If you liked the guy, then you can give him a second chance by setting up another date with him.

On the other hand, if you didn’t like the guy at all then you can just forget him.

You can read our post on how to kiss better, if you want your first kiss to be the best one for both you and him. This post on what to do after a first date will give you tips on what to text the guy after a date.

Do you have any more tips on what to text a guy after first kiss? How did you feel about your first kiss? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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