What To Text A Girl After First Date? + What Women Say

First date is more or less your first step towards getting into a relationship. There is something exciting about going on a first date. There is great chemistry between you and her, you joke a lot, she smiles at your jokes and basically everything is going right. Both of you know that you want to see each other again and there is going to be another.

Your first date was a success, you come back home all smiling until you realize what you are supposed to do next. Should you text her? And if you text her what are you going to say? Will you text her immediately or are you going to wait till she text you first? What if she doesn’t respond to your text? There will be so many questions running in your mind.

What To Text A Girl After First Date?

Texting can be a tough game for some men. If you do it right you will hit a strike and if something goes wrong you will ruin that perfect date completely. So, what to text to text a girl after first date that will help you seal the deal? Below are some tips to help you out.

Don’t Text Immediately

Once your date is over and you head back from there, you might feel like you want to text her some think like “Be safe” or “Have a good night”. While it is good from your side to be concerned and text her, it is better to leave some mystery and let some time pass before you text her. Both of you should get enough time to reflect about your date after which you can follow up with her through text within 1-2 days. Do not delay texting her more than that.

According to women if a guy doesn’t text them immediately, it will build more anticipation and make them want to meet the guy more. But if guys make them wait for more than 3 days they will just think that you were playing games with them and move on.

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But there is no such thing as fixed time to wait to text her. If both of you are clear that you like each other then you can text her much sooner.

Keep Your Message Short And Sweet

If your date was short and quick, then your message should also be short too. This is because the girl might still be thinking about her feelings about you, so your message should not put too much pressure on her. Just because she is sharing your excitement, you don’t want to make her feel like she has to say no.

On the other hand, if the girl is interested in you, then your message will clear her doubts and confirm that she likes you. It will surely put a smile on her face.


Thanks for taking your time. I have a great time. Would love to meet you again. How about we watch ‘X’ movie this weekend?

Keep your text casual and you don’t have to decide on a fixed timing schedule. There is also no need to list out all about what you like about her, etc. If either of you are busy, you can easily reschedule and set up a second date.

Continue An Unfinished Conversation

If you like her and ready to setup a second date, then instead of straightaway asking her you can text her something related to a conversation that you had during your date and continue from there. This will help you in smooth flow of the conversation and keep it natural.

An important point that you need to remember is that you shouldn’t text her too much and too often. The goal is to date her and not become best friends over phone. So the less you use your phone, the better you will date her.

Even women agree on this and say that it is better to text less during dating stage. Once you get to know each other well, you can then text throughout the day without any issues. If you can try to make her smile by remembering something that she said will help you a lot in sealing your next date.

Make Plans

Whether it’s a man or a woman, we all get stuck when it comes to making plans in the early stages of our relationship. Being a man, if you are liking a girl you might be okay with anything the girl wants to do just so that you can make her comfortable and keep her happy. But you need to know that she will also feel pressurized thinking about planning for the next date.

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Instead of planning something on your own, you might wash your hands off so that you can escape from that pressure. This can be assumed as a red flag where the girl might think that you are not interested in her. Women too don’t like being the planner as much as men do.

If you want to impress her, take up the initiative and do the planning atleast during the early stages of the relationship. This will show her that you are confident person who can handle himself.

Planning for a second date is not as hard as you might think. Unless you have something really unique plan that popped up in your head during your date, you can go the classic route and plan for a dinner or a movie, live music, stand up show, etc since such events happen in public places and you will be able to know more about her like her interests, her taste, her sense of humor, etc either by conversation or by observing her.

You can also plan offer her an idea that came up during your first date conversation. It is a natural suggestion and an easier one which she will most likely agree upon.

Fix Your Next Date

As I already said, the purpose of texting is to fix your next date. If all you are doing is texting, she will get bored and might even feel that you are not interested to meet her. If you are interested in her then you need to start making plans for your next date.

Once you have exchanged few messages after your first date, you should invite her for a different activity. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t repeat the same activity again and again. Make sure that you do something different than the last time. For example if you went on a dinner during your first date, then go for a movie next time.

According to women it is very interesting to indulge in different activities when you are dating. Also they want you to know that if they are responding to your texts, it means that they will most likely say yes if you ask them out again. So instead of sending random texts you need to ask them out again soon. And if you don’t want to see her again then don’t text her as it gets confusing whether you are interested or not.

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Avoid Sexting

Unless your first date lead you both to sex without any judgment involved, don’t start sexting her. It will give a bad impression if you get into sexting too quickly. This is a boundary that you shouldn’t cross until you reach a stage where you get intimate with her.

If your date is leading you to sex, then just follow her lead and keep it smooth. Just remember that you are there to spend time with her and not become sex partners.

Women are interested in men and want to get intimate with them as much as men do. And if all you are doing to talking about getting naked with her, then she will think that you are doing the same with 10 other women. When she is dating you, she wants to know all about you with your clothes on. So hold on to your horses. Don’t start sending d*ck pics the moment you finished your first date.

Be Prepared

If the girl agrees for a second date that’s great news and you should be prepared for it. Here’s what you can say it make it easy for you as well as her.


“That’s great. We can watch X movie which is playing ay 5.30, 6.45 and 8.15pm on saturday. Or we can watch matinee show on sunday? Let me know what’s good for you.”

But what if she says no? It can happen as there is no guarantee that first date works all the time so don’t be disappointed or angry. If she writes you a nice message expressing her feelings then respect them even though your feelings didn’t match hers.

And if she gives you any feedback regarding the date like she felt you didn’t seem interested in her or you don’t like same as your photos or the way you talked to her was very different than your text conversation, take the criticism in a positive manner and use them to your advantage during your next date.

I hope you found these tips useful on what to text a girl after first date. If you have something to share with us, use the comment section below.

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