How To Text A Guy Who Has Ghosted You? Here’s What Experts Say

Being ghosted by the person you like is one of the worst feelings when you are in a relationship. Sure, getting ghosted can affect both the person involved, but the most affected will be the person who was ghosted, who will be hanging in a limbo wondering what had happened.

What did they do that was responsible for getting ghosted? What did they do wrong? Can they turn the things back to normal?

Should I Text A Guy Who Ghosted Me?

If you are someone who is a victim of being ghosted, then chances are that you have considered reaching out to him for an explanation.

But, should you text the guy who ghosted you? Do you think it’s worth reaching out to him?

Before you think of contacting the guy who ghosted you, you need to ask yourself below questions before pressing the send button.

What Will I Gain?

Be honest and ask yourself this question. What do you really want after texting the guy who ghosted you?

Are you looking to patch up your relationship? Are you looking for an explanation? Do you want to make him feel bad for ghosting you? Do you just want to let your feelings out?

Such reasons are not good enough to text the person who emotionally caused you pain.

Stef Safran, a Chicago based match-maker says, it is very hurting when you get ghosted, but it is all part and parcel when you are into dating. The real question is what do you want to gain from this? If he has ghosted you once, he can easily do it again.

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If you are just looking for a relationship, it is better to look somewhere else. Once he has ghosted you, he won’t easily respond to you again and let you in his life.

It is not even a good way to let out your feelings either. Instead better to show your vulnerability and talk to a friend about it whom you trust instead with a person who doesn’t respect you.

So, before you text him, sit and think what you are trying to gain from this. If there is nothing good out of it, then it is better to let it go.

how to text a guy who ghosted you

What If I Don’t Get A Response?

Do you really think that a person who has ghosted you will even consider texting you back? Be real and answer this question.

A person who has zero emotional stability who decided to ghost you, such person responding to your text asking for an explanation is highly unlikely. Not getting a response from him can be even worse than when they left you in the first place. So, can you handle it if you never get a response from him?

According to Safran, this is the question that you need to answer yourself. How will you feel if he never responds you? Do you feel worse than before?

Trying to text someone who ghosted you is same as adding fuel to fire. Such people don’t care about your well being or mental stability.

Doing such act is like scratching open a wound and is best left closed.  

Do I Really Want To Do This?

The most important question that you should be answering is if this is something that you really want to do.

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Nicole Richardson, a marriage therapist, gives simple and straight answer to this question, “Don’t do it.”

There is nothing good that will come out by trying to text a person who has ghosted you, adds Richardson.  And it will only lead to more pain which you really don’t want in your life. There is no need to text someone who has ghosted you. Remove them out of the picture. Let them live their lives and you live yours.

Yes, it pains, but you need to remind yourself that you are not responsible for this. You shouldn’t be hurting yourself because of the decision of an immature person.

So, before you even think of texting a guy who has ghosted you, think and answer these questions with an open mind. Take a decision based on if it’s even worth texting him.

If you have anything more to add on how to text a guy who has ghosted you, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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