How To Text Your Boyfriend’s Mom And Impress Her?

If you want your boyfriend’s mom to like you as much as your boyfriend does, then here are some simple and useful tips that you can follow.

May be you are meeting her for the first time and want to get comfortable before actually meeting her, or you have already met her and want to build your relationship with her it always a good idea to start texting her and get to know her.

Texting is a better way of building a good foundation with your boyfriend’s mom. Not only it will help you avoid messing up by talking something that you shouldn’t, it will also give you enough time to think who to actually tell her to impress her.

How To Text Your Boyfriend’s Mom And Impress Her

Follow the below tips that will help you learn how to text you boyfriend’s mom and make her like you.

Give Her A Good First Impression

Before you even start texting your boyfriend’s mom, first ask him to tell everything about her.

Ask him about her hobbies, her likes and dislikes and for any suggestions on what to talk and what to avoid. This will give you a general idea about what to text your boyfriend’s mom.

Some of the things that you can learn about your boyfriend’s mom are:

  • The place she grew up
  • Her interest and hobbies
  • The kind of food she prefers to eat
  • The topics that she likes to talk about
  • What she does for a living
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Every time you text her, greet her in a friendly manner. Don’t be too friendly with your texts. Give her enough respect that you would give any elder person.

Ask her about the kind of things that she likes like flowers, chocolates, etc. You can then gift her favorite thing when you meet her. This will have a very big impression on her.

You can also ask her about her views on teens in general, their sense of dress among other things.

Her comments will give you an idea on how to be around her and the kind of dress that you will wear when you meet her.

Avoid talking anything about your love life, your previous relationships if any or any problems that you are having with your boyfriend.

Such things should only be discussed with your boyfriend and not any third person, even if it’s his mom. Be polite and positive in each and every text that you send her.

Also keep in mind that even she might be trying to give a good impression about her. Make her feel good so that she will be at ease.

Have Meaningful Conversations

She is not your boyfriend or friend to have meaningless conversations. Whenever you text your boyfriend’s mom keep it meaningful. Ask a lot of questions about her life.

People like to talk about themselves and it will give her a good impression about you when you listen to her. And if she is telling a story about her past, show your interest to listen to it. It will make her happy.

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At the same time make sure that you don’t do too much blah blah with her. If you are a talkative person, keep yourself in check whenever you talk to her.

You can also look at her responses which will give you an indication on whether she is interested to listen or not.

Try to find out if both of you have any common interests. This will give you enough interesting topics to talk and impress her. Who knows she might even become your best friend and not a nagging mother-in-law in the future.

Do not discuss about any topics that will lead to arguments. Stick to neutral topics that don’t involve politics, religion, etc.

Try to maintain a positive impression. If there are any talks which you disagree with her, then try to change the topic or just agree to her and move on.

You can also ask her about your boyfriend. How he was when he was a kid, his likes and dislikes and any secrets about him that she can share with you.

Keep in mind that she knows your boyfriend longer than you. Don’t try to criticize or correct his preferences or anything.

Watch your sense of humor when you text her. Don’t make fun of her. Know where to draw the line whenever you joke with her.

Avoid talking anything about sex, ex-boyfriends or sarcasm that would give a bad impression about you.

Be Thoughtful

If you want to know how to text your boyfriend’s mom then start involving her in your life as well.

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If you and boyfriend are planning for a movie or a dinner at a restaurant (which isn’t a romantic one), then text her and invite her to join you as well. Most of the times she won’t accept your offer, but she will feel very good that you invited her.

Keep thinking of various ways that you use to build your relationship with her. For example, if she likes art and there is an art exhibit coming up, then you can let her know about it.

It also doesn’t hurt if you can plan a girl’s day out leaving your boyfriend behind.

The more effort you put building a better relationship with her, the more she will appreciate it. Also ask her advice about things which she is good at.

For example, a recipe of her that your boyfriend likes or suggestion about plants if she is into gardening.

How did you impress your boyfriend’s mom? If you have anything more to add on how to text your boyfriend’s mom and impress her then let us know in the comment section below.

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    1. Hi, since you are saying he is your ex boyfriend, may be her mom thinks that you will hurt his son again if you are in contact with him. Finding out the reason why she is angry on you and showing her you mean no harm to her son can help in fixing things.

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