What To Text A Guy You Like? 19 Tips To Make Him Chase You

You met an amazing guy and exchanged numbers with him. Now you are wondering how to text a guy you like so that you can get a chance to date him.

When it comes to learning how to text a guy you like, you may think that texting him will be much easier than talking to him face to face, but it’s actually trickier than that. One of the advantages of texting is that you will get more time to think what to text a guy and think of a cheesy one liner to make him smile and get his attention. But the disadvantage of texting is that your texts might get misunderstood since all you do is a read a screen and not read a face.

Now not need to be worried. With our ‘shifu tips’ you will not only learn what to text a guy you like, but also how to make him your boyfriend.

What To Text A Guy You Like?

how to flirt with a guy on text

If you have a specific sort of texting style that you have been using for a while but are not successful with it (AKA not getting any response from him), then you can use these below tips to tweak your style of texting. Some of these tweaks are really small, like not texting him at all to make him chase you.  So, let’s get started.

Start With A Strong Opener Text

If your opener text is weak, then the rest of your conversation will get boring too. Always keep in mind to start your conversation with a strong text. Instead of a simple ‘Hi’, start with something like “Hey, how was your baseball game?” Your goal is to start a conversation that will get his interest and make him respond.

Be Yourself

Another important thing to remember is to always be yourself. It might get tempting to change your personality just to please him and make him happy. But if the person he is texting and the person he will see are entirely different, then what is the point? So please don’t do it. When he finds out the real you, it will do more bad than good. He must like you for who you are.

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Keep It Short

When your crush asks you how was your day, I know you might feel like telling him everything about what you did down to the smallest detail. And that will turn your text in to one big essay. No one wants to read an essay. So always keep your text short and to the point. That doesn’t mean you have send him one word texts. Keep it just long enough for him to understand.

Ask Him Questions

Asking questions is one of the best ways to get a conversation going and also make it interesting. When you ask him questions during a conversation, he will know that you are actually listening to what he is saying and that will make him more interested to talk to you.

You can also start with basics like what is his favorite food, his hobbies and when the conversation gets deeper, you can get a bit more personal. If he is comfortable, then you can also ask him about his previous relationship and why it ended. This will let you know what he didn’t like about his previous relationship so that you can learn how to tackle it if you want to make him yours.

Be Interesting

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In other words, don’t be boring. I don’t like to be bored. You don’t like to be bored. Similarly he doesn’t like to be bored too. So don’t engage in lifeless conversations. Always start you conversation with interesting topics. Or try to find out if you both have similar interests. You can then use this as your weapon to engage in interesting conversations. Do whatever it takes to keep the spark alive.

Don’t Forget The Purpose Of Texting

Texting was created for humans to keep him touch with each other, to meet, to make plans and so on. But texting is getting misused and it is completely replacing human contact. Don’t be the person to start and end your relationship only via text. Take it to the next level. Plan to meet, talk to each other. There will always come a time when you have to get to know him in person.

Don’t Overtext

Yeah, I can understand. You are worried since he hasn’t replied to your text even after waiting for 2 minutes. Don’t be insecure. He must be busy with some work. Don’t text him over and over again until he replies. Be patient and wait for his reply. Don’t forget you too have a life other than waiting for his texts.

Don’t Be Needy

This one goes along with the previous tip. If you don’t want your guy to run away then don’t show yourself as a needy person. Responding to his texts in seconds or saying how much you missed him since he didn’t text you for 5 minutes shows him that you crave for attention. This is a turn off for 99% of the men. Give some time before you reply to his text. Instead of saying “Oh my God, waiting for you text felt like ages for me”, say something funny like “Oh well, look who texted me.”

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Don’t Solve Your Problems Over Text

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If you ever get into an argument or fight with them, then don’t try to solve it over text. As I said earlier, words in a text message can be easily misunderstood and they will create even more problem for you. I know it can sometimes get hard to confront your problems directly, but it is always a better option than making it worse. Try to fix them over a phone call or seeing him.

Be Positive

Always keep your texts in a positive tone. Even if your guy is down, he should feel good just by talking to you. You should be the kind of woman who will be the light for him and not the kind for person who will push him further down. Always keep your texts positive.

Flirt With Him

Flirting is important when you want to get his interest. You can say something like “I’m looking for a hot guy for a date this weekend. You know someone?” or something like “You are looking so hot that I’m sweating” that will make him smile. You don’t have to be sexy or erotic when you flirt. It can be funny too. You can also make fun of him and tease him, but remember not to go overboard and offend him. Check this post for more on flirty texts for him.

Avoid One Word Texts

If your guy if talking to you with complete words then reply him in a similar way. Don’t use one word texts to reply him like ‘k’, ‘lol’, etc. It can be said fair if he is also doing the same with you. This will not give him an opportunity to ask you out. If you are not good at texting then it is better to let him know that.

Don’t Always Wait For Him To Text

If you have already sent him a text and waiting for his reply then no need to text him further. But if you haven’t talked to him for a day or two and feel like talking to him then you can text him instead of waiting. It is not a rule that men have to always initiate a conversation. If you feel like talking, do it. Texting him first also shows your interest towards him.

Display Your Sense Of Humor

Men like women who are funny and it is a fact. Women think men like them in a certain way and try to hide their silly side. They think they have to act like a hot girl, playing around with their hair all the time. But it’s not the truth.  Once in a while show him your funny and goofy side. Men love it. If you have a good sense of humor, show him. Make him laugh. This is also a turn on for men.

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Display Your Intelligence

If you try to be goofy all the time just to make him happy, then he might think you have some kind of a mental problem. Similar to your goofy side, show him your intelligent side too. I’m not telling you to talk to him about atoms and molecules. If he talking to you about certain history and if you are aware of it, then get into conversation with him. Don’t act dumb. And if you don’t know about it then show your interest. “That was very interesting. I would love to know more.” Men like it when women show their intelligent side.

Don’t Text When You Are Drunk

what to text a guy you like

Drinking and texting is a big NO. If you don’t want to get embarrassed and regret it later then don’t text him when you are drunk. You can switch off your phone during your drinking adventures.

Yes Or No? No

Questions which involve just yes or no will not help in taking your conversation further. This is also something that will not give him an opportunity to ask you out. If you have to answer yes or no, then follow up with that with an explanation.

Send Him Pictures

If you go out with your friends or to a restaurant, why not send him a picture? This will show him that you have an interesting life and you are not someone who spends her life in a room all the time. Even he might send you a photo of what he is doing. This might open up an opportunity to have an interesting conversation.

Know When To End Your Conversation

Just like how you start your conversation strongly, you should also end it similarly. Most women think that men will lose interest in them if they stop texting. But the fact is actually the opposite. If you want to learn how to text a guy you like, then allow your conversation to start and end naturally. This doesn’t mean that he will lose interest in you. In fact, he will appreciate it when he comes to know when your conversation is going to end. You can always text him later.


Learning how to text a guy you like might not be easy, but it is not hard too. By using these simple strategies you will notice a difference in how your guy responds. If you have any more tips on what to text a guy you like, then let us know in the comments below.

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