How To Get A Boyfriend – 12 Best Tips To Help You Find A Boyfriend

If there is one thing that most single women search for is how to get a boyfriend.

It is frustrating when you are single and not able to find a partner. And because of this you will be more desperate to find a boyfriend. You are less likely to find an amazing boyfriend if you become more desperate.

You are an amazing woman and you should not settle for anything less. By having little patience and following the tips below you will find a great man of your dreams who will be everything that you always wanted in a man.

How To Get A Boyfriend Tip 1: Show Your Confidence

how to get a boyfriend

If you want to know how to attract a man, you need to work on your confidence. Men love confident women. Being lonely and desperate is not going to work on your favor. Building confidence takes time and if you still don’t feel confident, it’s okay. Take your time and work on it. A confident woman can take care of herself. She does not want a man who can take care of her but rather the man who can be a part of her world.

And this quality is what attracts men. A confident woman is the one who is worth winning over.

Don’t you want to be such kind of woman? Yes, you do.

Below are few tips on how to gain confidence and improve your chances of pulling attractive men ;).

– Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Tell yourself you are beautiful everytime you look at your reflection. You don’t have to say out loud. No one has to hear it.

– Wear clothes in which you look and feel great, even if you are just going for a walk in the park.

– Keep your head high and your shoulders back when you walk.

– Whenever you walk into a place, pretend as if you own it.

How To Find A Boyfriend Tip 2: Do Not Rush

I know you are desperate to find a boyfriend. If you want to know how to get a boyfriend, the first thing you need is to have patience. You might hate hearing this, but understand that your boyfriend is somewhere out there. You might have already met him without knowing it. Even he must be taking his own time and not just ready yet to emotionally connect with you. If you hurry to be in a relationship, you might just want to settle for less and you don’t want that.

When the right time comes, it will just happen.

If you are being desperate and wasting your energy on crying and complaining that you are still single, what good do you think it is going to do for you? Nothing.

It can even prevent you from getting a boyfriend. You might have heard the saying, positive attracts positive. And if you are only going to complain that you are still single, it is only going to attract negative energy. Negative energy is something similar to junk food. If we are going to eat lot of junk food, we are only hurting ourself. Similar to junk foods, junk thoughts will only affect us than do anything good. If all you do is complain that you are single, then you will stay single. Or worse, you might even attract the wrong kind of man just because you don’t want to be single.

So accept the fact and go slow. There is nothing wrong in being single. Till then below are few ways to help you embrace the fact until you learn how to get a boy to like you.

– You need to realize that being single is just a temporary situation. It might take you a month or a year but when you find the perfect boyfriend of your dreams you will realize that all the waiting was worth the time.

– Read articles or watch TV shows like Broad City or Girls which make you feel better of being single.

– Maintain your standards whenever you talk to a boy. Just because you want to get a boyfriend doesn’t mean that every guy you meet should be the one.

How To Get A Boyfriend Tip 3: Have A Life

how to find a boyfriend

Let us talk to bit more about embracing being single. Now I know it seems contradicting to learning how to find a boyfriend, but hear me out for a second.

Humans have become a lot uncomfortable about being alone. In a study which was published by Science magazine, it was found out that humans if given a choice between being alone or electrocuting themselves, a large number of participants preferred the shocks than being alone.

I don’t know when mankind decided that they are valued only if they are surrounded by people. What are you if someone doesn’t come and tell you that you are awesome?

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Really? Are you kidding me?

YOU ARE AWESOME and you don’t need a boyfriend or anyone else to prove that to you. But being alone or single doesn’t mean that you have to just sit around and do nothing.

And the best way on how to get a boyfriend is to not look for one. Get a life instead. There are many things in life that you can do that makes you happy. If you love dancing, join a dance class. Go for hiking. Do things that interest you. Who knows you might even find your guy there. You are not going to find a boyfriend if you just sit in a corner and cry about it.

Here are a few tips n how to get active in your life:

– Find out what you are interested in. Are you a fitness freak? Do you love cycling? Dancing?

– Make a habit of doing things alone that you love. Read a book. Watch a movie. Treat yourself at a spa.

– Go out with friends. Make memories. Few years down the line you are going to cherish those memories and you would have hated it if you had missed any of those.

How To Find A Boyfriend Tip 4: Don’t Limit Your Opportunities

As I said before on how to get a boy to like you, you can find your perfect match anywhere.

He might be that cute guy who asked you which book you are reading when you are in the library.

He could bump on to you when you are cycling.

He could be your hiking partner.

And you will notice that all these scenarios happen when you are outside and not just sitting at home. Sure you can consider finding a guy in Facebook or Tinder but do not restrict yourself to only online dating and be open to any opportunities to increase your chances to finding a boyfriend.

So how can you increase your opportunity on how to get a boy to like you?

– Try to look good whenever you get out of the house. I’m not saying that you have to put lots of makeup, wear expensive clothes, etc. Just try to look clean and pretty for a start.

– Accept invitations to any events that might not go otherwise. You will get to meet a lot of new and interesting people there.

– Smile a lot. And smile even more whenever you see attractive men. Not only it will make out look even more beautiful, it will also make men fall on their knees. It will not scare him off if he was planning to approach you.

How To Get A Boyfriend Tip 5: Commit Yourself To The Process

do you have a boyfriend

Dating is not for someone who has lack of patience. If you are looking for a boyfriend, then you have to put in effort, go on dates, and there might be situations where it doesn’t work out. You might feel that dating isn’t for you. You might think you have to doll up again just for another date.

But think of it this way. You are looking for a job. You put in a lot of time and energy on searching for jobs and applying for the jobs. You get selected for many interviews and finally get one job. You wouldn’t have got that job if you had given up just after one failed interview.

Are you understanding what I’m trying to say?

Finding a boyfriend takes dedication. You can’t put in just 10 minutes of work and expect to magically get a boyfriend.

You should be ready to commit to the process. Finding a boyfriend takes time. You have put in your effort and energy. And sometimes you will feel like giving up. And that’s okay. If you ever feel like that, take a small break. Spend time with yourself, go out with friends and forget about thinking how to get a boyfriend. And when you feel you are ready, you can get back to finding a boyfriend.

Just like everything in life, do not expect results if you don’t put in any effort. Here are some tips to help you:

– Be open to all kinds of opportunities, including meeting new people through friends, online dating, etc.

– Invest sometime every week attending events and looking for guy online.

– If you feel like giving up during any stage, take a break, keep yourself busy with other things and get back to it.

How To Find A Boyfriend Tip 6: Be Open To Giving Second Chances

Another mistake that girls usually do is that they don’t give second chances to a guy. This happens more in online dating where first impressions can make or break it. But you need to understand that guys are not good at writing amazing bios or taking good profile pictures. So do not judge a guy based on that. If you are can get beyond that, you will realize that you have been missing out a lot of amazing guys.

Even if you did not hit it off with the guy you are dating, you never know where your relationship can go. Some of them can even end up with creating friendships.

I know a girl who met a man online. They ended up dating but the chemistry was not there, so they decided on being friends. One day the guy invited her to a party he was hosting. She accepted and came with her friends. Now they are all good friends. The girl even asks the guy for advice on dating men.

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This is a bonus for you. The advantage of having a male friend is that you have a walking and talking Wikipedia who can advice you on understanding men.

Some advice to help you give the guy a second chance:

– Some guys get nervous during their first date and mess up their first impression. So give them a second chance. A second date will put them at ease.

– If you are looking for men online, before you reject someone just by looking at their bio, consider talking to them once. His blurry profile pic doesn’t matter if he is intelligent and has a great sense of humor. Besides guys look better in person that photos.

– Don’t be restricted when you are going on a date. You never know where you relationship will end up (you can be business partners in future, the guy’s friends could be a better suit for you, etc.)

How To Get A Boyfriend Tip 7: Learn To Flirt

find a boyfriend

One of the best things about being single is that you can get to flirt with anyone. It will not only boost your confidence but also helps you get better at it. And as I already told, it will attract men towards you naturally. Plus, it has health benefits too. Flirting can increase your white blood cells and also boosts your immune system.

A little heads up: you have to be very much obvious when you are flirting. In a research conducted by the University of Kansas, only 36% of guys realized that they were being flirted by women. DUH!

It can feel good to be flirted and to flirt with a guy, even if you have no intention of making him your boyfriend. And don’t forget the perks of getting a free drink because of it.

Some tips:

– You don’t have to flirt with each and everyone. Just flirt with someone everytime you go out with your friends or alone. Also don’t overdo it so much that the guy gets a wrong idea about your intention.

– Wink and smile. They are the two biggest weapons for flirting.

How To Find A Boyfriend Tip 8: Do Not Rush For S*x

Whenever you are dating a guy, your first few dates are very important. Because those first few dates are crucial in determining whether you should take your chemistry to the next level, i.e., getting into a relationship. And having s*x early in your early dates can destroy your chances of making the guy your boyfriend.

Why? Because having s*x to soon (within just 2 or 3 dates) can make it the center of things between the both of you. Your guy might think you are just a hookup looking for causal relationship, where as you were looking to develop a relationship.

Women are more emotionally connected when they share the bed with a man. Talking in other words, intimate relationship with a man will make them go crazy over him. This will make girls overlook any flaws that the guy has and it will ultimately mean that the relationship will not last for long.

And in worst cases, if you later find out that the guy had no intention to getting into a relationship, it will destroy you both inside and outside.

So that brings up the question, how long you should wait? According to Talia Goldstein, CEO of Three Day Rule, there are no such rules to determine when you can be intimate with someone, but it is better to wait until you both have a emotionally stronger connection.

Some tips for girls who are looking for a boyfriend to control their libido:

– Avoid any Netflix and chill. Plan dates in such a way that both of you are away from your houses.

– If you guy is pushing you to get intimate, calmly let him know he has to wait until both of you get to know each other better on an emotional level. If your guy is not just looking for a hookup, he will respect your opinion.

– Keep those kisses short and sweet.

How To Get A Boyfriend Tip 9: Question Yourself Why You Want A Boyfriend

how to get a bf

You are putting so much time and energy to get a boyfriend, but have you ever questioned yourself why you actually need one?

Is it because you just need someone to spend time with you on weekends?

You don’t want to be single anymore?

You want to take revenge on your ex and make him jealous?

You just want someone to get intimate with?


Because you are finally ready to spend your life with an amazing guy?

You want a partner with whom you can learn and grow?

You are ready to give all your love to that one guy?

I want you to be honest and go through these reasons and find out why you really need a boyfriend. As you can see above, the intentions behind looking for a boyfriend for both batches of questions are entirely different. And the second set of reasons are perfectly legit. But if you are being too honest with yourself you will agree to some of the first set of reasons for wanting a boyfriend.

As I have said earlier, being single is nothing to be sad about. It is not the end of the world. There are so many fulfilling things that you can actually do when you are single. If you are looking for an active social life, go out with your friends or even better, make new friends. You don’t really need a man if you are just aroused. There are other things to help you with that. And if you are just looking to make your ex jealous? Don’t act like a child. Grow up. You are a much better person than that.

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– Start looking for a boyfriend only when you are ready to share your love and not lust.

– Look for a boyfriend when you are completely okay with the idea of being committed to the guy you are looking for.

– Just as a reality check, make sure that you constantly recheck your reasons for get a boyfriend.

How To Find A Boyfriend Tip 10: Be Brave

One of the important things when you are looking for a boyfriend is to put yourself out there. It can get scary, especially when you are single. But if you do not put up courage and be brave, then you will not be able to find a boyfriend as quickly as you would like.

You might get scared when you are putting up your profile on a dating site. But honestly, what have you got to lose? One of the biggest advantages of online dating is that you don’t really have to meet anyone face to face until you are ready. And unless you have shared your location, no one’s really coming looking for you either. You can just play around with the dating portal without actually having to go on dates. You will get much more comfortable with online dating and also it may help you improve your texting experience.

It takes guts to walk up to that attractive man at a bar or a party. But with texting you don’t have to actually meet him until it works out. So it’s always worth giving it a shot.

Giving your number to a guy doesn’t mean that you have to spend the rest of your life with him. Even if he is asking you out, it might just be for coffee or drink. You have nothing to lose.

So be brave and do things that you didn’t even think you would be doing, all for the sake of love.

How To Get A Boyfriend Tip 11: Cut With The Ex Talk

During the first few dates you might feel like you need to tell your new guy about all the previous relationships that you had. If you ex was an amazing guy, your new man might feel like he can’t match up to your ex. On the other hand, if all you do is bitch about your ex a lot, your new date might think that you will talk about him the same way in a few months.

This holds true to the guy also. If your date goes ga-ga about how amazing his ex was and couldn’t stop talking about her, then it is clear that he has no room for you in his heart. And if all he is doing is complaining about his previous girl, he may be the kind of person who only finds faults in others and you could end up the same down the line.

How To Find A Boyfriend Tip 12: Be Realistic

Do not look for a Tom Cruise look-alike in every guy you are dating. Also do not be on a money hunt, that is, finding guys to date who are super rich. If these are your criteria to find a boyfriend then you need to change your attitude if your goal is to be in a long term relationship.

Men can find out your intention whether you are really interested in him or his money. And in the long run, it is not money or looks that matters, but a loving heart and a dependable guy who is truly committed to you.


how to have a boyfriend

Want to know how to get a boyfriend?

My best tip is to just let it happen.

If you want to know how to get a guy to like you then be open to opportunities and be confident.

Your boyfriend, whoever it may be, is out there. The fun part is having the anticipation of when he will fall for you. Everyday is filled with happiness and expectation that when you will meet him. Will you meet him today? Have you already met him without knowing that he could the one you have been waiting for? Allow the magic to happen and wait for the right guy.

This is a much better alternative than sulking in sadness that you still haven’t found a boyfriend.

I know it feels bad when many of your friends have found their partners or even got married. But you might not know that many of them would be jealous of you. Their relationship might look perfect from the outside, but you actually don’t know what’s really going on with them. One friend might have put on with a guy who always fights with her but she might not have the courage to leave him. Another friend might not have been intimate for months. So from their perspective, your single status may look awesome.

So accept it. Enjoy doing things that you want to do. There is no one to tell you what to do and what not to do. You don’t have to ask anyone to make plans. You can eat as much as you want and no one to tell you to stop. No one to judge you for the things you do.

But one day, you will meet an attractive and amazing guy. Many of the things that you enjoyed doing when you are single will stop. You will have to trade one thing for another but you will surely feel nostalgic when you look back at the things you did when you were single.

So live and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Who knows you might even find a guy who loves to do that same things that you enjoy doing. Make the most out of your single life till you find the perfect one.

Do you have any more helpful tips to how to get a boyfriend? Let us know in the comments below.

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