How To Flirt On Tinder? Top 11 Tips For Flirting On Tinder

One of the most popular apps for dating and hookups is Tinder. It makes matches based on swipes and likes.

Once two profiles have swiped right each other it means they are a match.

When you have a match you get the option to chat with them which can lead to a lot of opportunities to flirt with them.

Now comes the question, how to flirt on tinder?

Tips For Flirting On Tinder

By flirting the right way you can even be able to meet them quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the tips and techniques that you can use to successfully flirt on tinder.

Get More Matches 

Unless you have a match on tinder you won’t be able to message anyone. So open the tinder app and start making matches.

The more matches you have the better chances you have at flirting with others. You can check our article on how to get more matches on tinder if you are stuck.

Take enough time to make your profile attractive so that other people cannot resist swiping you right.

Have Attractive Profile Photos 

The first thing that a user sees in your profile is your photos so make sure to upload as many attractive photos of yourself as possible.

Do not upload your childhood photos, group photos, or any photos that you took 5 years back. Always upload your latest photos in which you look your best.

Take The Initiative 

As already said earlier you need matches to chat with them. Once you have a match you can go to the matches menu and click on a match to chat with them.

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Avoid chatting immediately once you have a match so that you don’t come off as a desperate person. Wait for a day at least before you start a conversation.

It is very important that you take the initiative when starting the conversation as it displays your confidence and also shows that you are willing to take control.

Don’t get sad if a match does not reply to your message. You cannot expect everyone to reply. This is why you need to make more matches. The more matches you have the more chances you will get.

Be Creative With Your Messages

The time of hi’s and hellos is long gone and they only end up being a turnoff. If you want to impress a person while chatting with your matches you need to be more creative.

The easiest way to start chatting is by being more specific with your texts. Take a close look at their profile to learn more about their interests. If they love hiking ask for their favorite hiking spots.

Also, make sure that you don’t make any spelling or grammar mistakes. The first impression is the best impression and tinder gives you only one chance at that.

Learn About Them 

Start by asking questions about their hobbies, interests, etc. and learn more about them.

Don’t ask any personal questions in the beginning and maintain a casual approach. Always remember to keep cool and talk to them like you are talking to a friend.

Attract Them 

Once you are successful at getting the attention of your match and learn more about them, the next step is to keep them interested in you.

An easy way of doing this is by complimenting them. People love being complimented and even if you don’t know them you can impress them by giving compliments.

Even a simple line like “I feel great whenever I talk with you” is a good one to get started.

Avoid complimenting anything about their looks or their body and focus more on other things like their interests, sense of humor, etc. 

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Once you are comfortable with each other you can start flirting with subtle teases. If your match is comfortable with your teases and tease you back, it can be a sign that they are interested in you.

You can also give them silly names. Make sure that your teases are subtle and your match knows that you are joking. You can even use emotions but don’t depend too much on it.

how to know if your crush likes you

Don’t Be Creepy 

Tinder was designed for fun and casual dating. If you come off too sexual or too strong your potential match will turn away from you.

This will ruin your chances of flirting further so keep your approach light. You can always do the heavy stuff later when you take your relationship to the next stage.

Avoid Talking Too Much About Yourself 

If you only talk about yourself then your match will lose interest in you. Instead, talk in such a way that it will encourage your match to talk more about themselves. In between your conversations you can throw a few facts about yourself.

Observe if the topic you are talking about is keeping the other person interested or not. You can learn this by looking at their profile and also by the way they respond. 

If you feel like your match is losing interest you can subtly change the topic.

Make Them Want You More 

When you are successful in maintaining their interest and want to take your relationship to the next level, you need to know when you want to learn them wanting more of you.

You have started strong with your conversations. Now you need to know when to stop.

Obviously, you can’t maintain a conversation forever. When you are struggling to keep a conversation, end them immediately.

Keep a measure of how the other person is responding. If they are not responding much, it could mean that they are not interested in flirting and it is better to stop the conversation.

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Before you end a chat set it up for your next conversation in advance. You can say something like “Text me again sometime” or “How about we continue tomorrow?”

In case you can’t continue your conversation due to any work, d just say bye and leave. Let them know why you are leaving and when you will be free again.

Get Their Number

Online dating is not just created for chatting. There will come a time where you will want to take it to the next stage.

If you enjoy flirting with them you should get their number when you are ready so that you can continue talking more personal. It can help a lot to build your connection when you hear the other person’s voice.

To increase your chances of getting their number you can offer your number first to show that you are legit. You can also let the other person know that it’s okay if they don’t want to use it.

Meet Them 

This is the endgame. Tinder was created for this. Every person on tinder would want to meet their match one day (minus the fake ones).

If you feel that you have connected with your match you can plan to meet them. Don’t be afraid to say that you want to meet them. Make sure that you choose a safe public place to meet your match where both of you are comfortable.

Avoid the usual dinner or movie meets. Meet for lunch or drinks instead where you can have a relaxed conversation. You can also plan your meet based on your mutual interests.

When you depart don’t leave with an awkward goodbye. Tell them you had fun and loved spending time with them.

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