Should You Text Your Boyfriend Everyday? Here’s What Experts Say

Do you text your boyfriend everyday? You may be worried that after the initial excitement of a new relationship dies down, the communication between the both of you will die too.

So the question that comes to your mind is, how often should you text your boyfriend? And if you are texting, then what to text your boyfriend?

Let’s find out what the experts have to say.

How Often Should You Text Your Boyfriend?

The first and foremost thing to remember is that communication is the key to building a strong relationship. According to Melinda Carver, if you are confused about how often you should text your boyfriend, then just talk to him about it.

Not only you will know the communication needs of your boyfriend, you will also get to opportunity to discuss about your concerns and needs with him.

Shamyra Howard-Blackburn, a licensed clinical worker who specializes in relationship therapy says that texting is a good way to let your boyfriend know that you are thinking about him and can be done throughout the day. Not only your boyfriend will feel special and loved by your small gesture, it is also a good way to strengthen your relationship.

Many couples don’t see or talk to each other for hours either due to work or other commitments. This may lead to loss of interest in relationship. So texting is good way to keep in touch with each other and keep the spark alive. For more information, read our post on romantic messages for your boyfriend.

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Do You Text Your Boyfriend Everyday?

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Rob Alex of Mission Date Night says that, if you are in a live-in relationship or just see other throughout the day, then it is better not to text too much. According to him, texting an average of 3 times a day is more than enough per day.

Psychologist Nikki Martinez also agrees that texting 3 to 5 times per day is good number. You can text more if you want to discuss something specific like a list of shopping items or directions to a location.

Tina Tessina, Psychotherapist and author of Love Styles: Celebrate Your Differences, says that the best way to find out how often you should text your boyfriend is to just discuss with him.  According to her texting always depends on the situation. While one person likes to text a lot, the other person might not feel the same way.

While some people can text throughout the day, others just stick to the 3 or 5 text rule. Rob Alex says, if you are in a long distance relationship or don’t see each other often, then you can feel free to text each other more.

Texting Your Boyfriend In The Morning And Night

It feels special getting Good Morning and Goodnight text from your loved one. If you or boyfriend is away, then it is always a nice idea to send Good Morning and Goodnight text to him, says Alex.

“Good morning honey, have a nice day.”

“Goodnight sweetheart, love you.”

When you and your partner are far away from each other, it is always best to text morning and night texts. It lets your loved one know that you are thinking about them, and is one of the best way to strengthening the bond between both.

Being Aware Of His Work Schedule

Texting Your Boyfriend

Alex says that you should not get upset if you don’t get a response from your boyfriend. He could be sleeping or busy with some important work. Have patience till you get a response from him.

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It is also a good idea to be aware of the work schedule of your boyfriend. If he cannot respond to your texts during work, then do not keep texting him. Even if he can manage to respond in between work, keep the subject light or encouraging.

Texting Serious Topics

While some people suggest to text complete sentences, others suggest to keep it short like hi, wassup and so on. According to Alex, your text should be short and to the point. Long texts are difficult and time consuming to read and also difficult to respond. If your texts are long, it is better to talk over phone.

You can also experiment texting different things and talk to your boyfriend about how they feel. Some texts might be having bad impact than bring you closer, says Tessina.

According to Cindi Sansone-Braff, relationship coach and psychic medium and author of Why Good People Can’t Leave Bad Relationships, it is okay to text if the subject is funny, lovely or supportive. If the subject is serious, then it is better to have a face-to-face discussion.

Avoid fighting over text. It is always best to discuss such matters in person rather over text, says Sansone-Braff. It will destroy your relationship, since you will be texting abuses back and forth and not trying to solve it. It will only result in a textual abuse and ultimately end in ruining your relationship.

What To Text Your Boyfriend?

Should you text your boyfriend just “Hi” or “I love you”? According to Alex, texting can be lot more fun if you keep it creative. It will make your partner realize that you have put some thought in your message before sending. If your boyfriend is having a bad day, then just sending a boring “Hi” seems bland. Instead something like “Hi honey, I’m just smiling like an idiot thinking about you.”, will cheer him up.

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If both of you see each other every day, then don’t send just one-word text. Instead of just “hi” you can say something like “Hi, handsome”, says Carver. Using nicknames and cute messages is also a good idea when you are apart.

What About Sexting?

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Sexting is a good way to build anticipation, says Brooke Christian, founder of Flirty Girl. And anticipation is the secret ingredient to make you sex interesting. So sexting is definitely a yes. Christian says he suggests his clients to use sexts often, especially during vacations or date nights. Sexting keeps the spark alive in a relationship and makes it interesting.

Tessina says sexting, same like sex, depends on an individual. So it better to talk about it with your partner and find out what works for them.

Don’t Forget To Call

Texting is good for short and light subjects, but when it comes to actual conversations, it is better to talk over phone to avoid any miscommunications, says Howard-Blackburn. Hearing your partners voice for in-depth conversations gets much more meaningful and intimate instead of texting.

But what if your boyfriend is busy and cannot over phone? If the matter is urgent, then by all means text him. If it can wait, then talk to him over phone whenever he is free or you when you both meet.


How Often Should You Text Your Boyfriend

Texting is a good way to keep in touch with your boyfriend. It is a good way to make him feel loved and letting him know that you are thinking about him. But knowing what to text and when to text is important too.

If you want to know whether you should text your boyfriend everyday, then I hope much of your questions are answered by the experts. Do you text your boyfriend everyday? Let us know your thoughts and comments below.

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