What Does It Mean When A Guy Texts You Everyday? Is He Interested In You?

So you went on a date with a guy you like. He texts you back saying that he had a good time. And the next day he texts again. And this goes on every day. It feels so exciting when you get a text from a guy that you like.

It surely is a sign that the guy is thinking about you and wants to talk to you. But what does it really mean? Does it mean that he likes you or is he just being friendly?

What Does It Mean When A Guy Texts You Everyday

is he interested in me

Trying to read a situation gets confusing and frustrating especially during texting because you only have to rely on words and there is no way for you to read his body language or his tone to understand his intentions.

Such conversations lack context and unless he expresses his intentions clearly, which guys rarely do, it gets hard to tell if a guy really likes you.

I don’t want to generalize, but guys don’t like to text much. But if he is texting you every day, then it means that he might be liking you, right?

You might be wondering, whether he likes you or just sees you as a friend. But there is no single “yes” or “no” answer for that question since dating is not simple as that.

But by reading between the lines of his texts, we can understand better the meaning of his texts are and if he wants to see you again.

Let me take you through different scenarios which can help you understand if a guy likes you or not.

What Does The Guy Text You Everyday?

If you really want to know if a guy is into you or not, then one of the biggest clues to find out is not to see whether he is texting you every day, but what he is actually texting you.

Is he sending you a joke or a meme? Is he trying you make you laugh? Is he sending you some references in his texts that reminded him of you and starts conversation based on that?

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These are some very positive signs that shows that he is into you.

One of the biggest mistake that women make is that they think a guy likes them just because he is texting them every day. This is not a guaranteed sign that there is something more than friendship between you and him.

May be he was just being polite when he sent a thank you text after a date. But did he say that he wants to see you again? Such texts will make you understand what the guy is saying and if he is really interested in you.

Is He Getting Personal?

If a guy a sharing personal details or sending serious texts with you is also a good sign that he is into you.

If he is opening up about his personal life and the issues he is facing in his life, it is showing a good sign that he is comfortable with sharing his opinions and being on an emotional level with you. It means that he wants to hear from you more.

Is He Texting You First?

is he into me

This is also an important sign that you can consider to see if a guy is into you. Are you the first to send a thank you text after a date and hope to see him soon again? Or was he the first to send you a text?

There is nothing wrong in sending him a text first. But if you were the first one to send him a text, then you need to see how he is going to respond.

He might just reply politely to your text without showing any signs of a second date. If that’s the case, then you can just say thank you. You don’t have to text any more if he doesn’t reply at all.

But if he responds positively and eagerly waiting for a second date, then it shows that he is interested in you.

How Much Is He Texting?

As I said earlier, guys don’t like to text a lot. But if he taking time to send you long texts? It could probably mean that he is interested in you.

But there is no need to worry if he is just sending you short text messages. May be he just doesn’t like typing a lot. But is he texting you first? It means he likes you.

Does He Expect You To Text Him Everyday?

Another sign to look out for is to see whether the guy wants you to text him back every day. If he is not asking you any questions and just said thank you after a date, maybe he is not interested in you. There is no need for you to reply further.

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But if he is asking you questions after every text, it means that he likes to have conversation with you. Here you can reply to his questions and ask him a question as well.

Conversations get easier when both of you respond to each other. This is a good sign that he is interested in getting to know you better.

Is He Sending Flirty Texts?

If a guy is sending you texts every day but unable to tell you if he likes you or not, then how can you find out?

One of the biggest clues to find out is if he starts flirting with you. I’m not talking about sexting. But subtle, playful texts, like being suggestive or talking about being together. Such flirty texts will show that the guy is interested in you.

If you are unsure about the signs, then you can confirm by sending a flirty text to him. If the guy is into you, then he will try to match you immediately.

Is He Sending Good Bye Texts?

These days ending a conversation has become abrupt, may be due to people getting busy or running out of words to say.

People rarely say when they are even going to stop a conversation. But if a guy really likes you and wants to impress you, then he will politely let you know when he is going to end a conversation.

What To Look Out For In A Text If He Is Interested In You

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It is normal to be confused if you are still unsure what his texts mean, especially if you like him a lot and want to really make sure that he likes you too.

If you learn what to look out for in his texts, you can understand what he is trying to say. By looking for the below signs in his texts, you can reassure yourself that you will be seeing him again.

Is He Texting You Everyday Things?

Is he talking to you about general things like today’s weather or sports or is he getting personal?

If he is texting you about what he is doing or asking questions about you, then it is a sign that he is in into you.

If he texting just about everyday things, may be you won’t see him again and such texts will stop soon.

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Is He Calling You Nick Names?

This is one of the easiest signs when a guy is texting you to find out if he is interested in you and wants to be more than friends.

Friends don’t send you cute and sweet nicknames in personal texts. In such cases, you can tell him that you like that nick name. This is a good way to indirectly letting him know that you like him too.

Is He Sending You Jokes?

Imagine you are busy in the middle of your work and your phone beeps. You check you phone and see that you have received a text from the guy, you went on a date with.

This shows a sign that the guy was thinking about you and he wanted to make you smile. You don’t start sending jokes to a person you have just met.

This means that he is interested in you. And the best way to respond during such cases is to send a joke back to him.

Is He Sharing Personal Problems?

Guy don’t share personal problems with strangers or people they are not close with. So if he is sharing his problems and feelings with you, it means that he trusts you.

This is a sign which shows that he is seriously considering you for a relationship.

May be he is not looking for advice. May be he just wants someone to share his problems with. In any case, you need to know how to respond to him.

If you take too long to reply him, he might think that you don’t care about him. If you are also interested in him and want to take your relationship further, then the best thing that you can do is offer him your help.


what does it mean when he texts me everyday

Trying to understand a guy’s intentions through his texts is hard since you cannot read his mood, tone or body language.

During such cases, you can only rely on how he is texting you and try to understand if he is interested in you.

If you are trying to know what does it mean when a guy texts you everyday, the above signs can help you understand if a guy is into you or not.

These aren’t hard rules since every situation is different. But if you pay attention to how and what he is texting, you will learn a lot about the guy’s intentions and if he is into you or not.

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